Your neck can cause symptoms of TN both TN1 And TN2

The neck can and does cause symptoms of TN, and as a result I feel it should be considered before any invasive/ surgical procedures, which control symptoms only and then unfortunately a high recurrence of symptoms prevail and/ or side effects, some of which are intolerable.

Investigation of the neck as a cause can lead to positive outcomes from physical therapy/ postural changes/ ditching, addressing the stressful components in life work or even family (not easy)*bT18wgxa3VgsO/TN7.pdf

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Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been telling my doctors and neurologists for years that it’s all connected to my neck… they all shake their heads at me like I’m a big idiot. But I know my body and it’s definitely connected.

No problem, I would like to think it might be useful, for many other folk.

Wishing you and every other facial pain sufferer wellness.

I can’t believe this doesn’t have many replies. I have spent the last year on the TN journey of my life. I know this info isn’t the cure for everyone but I have always suspected this is what is going on with me. I was at the neurologist and of course they do another MRI, not to find the reason I have this but to make sure I don’t have MS. Can I ask her to go back and look at MRIs to see if neck is cause of TN? Who would have the expertise in this area? I feel like I spend a lot of time spinning my wheels trying to get someone to listen to me.

You most can certainly ask your neuro to take a look at your MRI with regard to your neck. Certain problems might come to a head. MRI’s are mainly of use when symptoms are considered along with MRI findings, just because you have x on MRI doesn’t mean it is the cause of your problem. If however you have neck problems and TN, AND your neck on MRI shows problems then it might, yes might be of consideration to your neuro.

Another problem (and my neighbour is a radiologist, and concedes he should in future look at the neck), they are not taught that the neck can cause these symptoms, they look for tumours, vascular compression (questionable as a cause), and other malformations.

Hence ask your neuro if the neck can cause TN and in the main he doesn’t consider it, for the above so it seriously limits your treatment options, not withstanding by the time you visit your neuro, he has meds, a needle or an option of surgical referal.

Another problem being, if your MRI shows, an upper neck problem it still doesn’t mean it is the cause. However I would consider neck pain and or a positive MRI for a neck problem worth pursuing prior to any ‘traditional’ treatment bearing in mind, everything that goes with it.

As far as I’m aware the main avenue by the medics to confirm, is if cervical blocks alleviate symptoms, but then they have to squidge it in the right place which isn’t easy.

If you have neck trouble and TN, my best would be to address the neck and then think about the TN if it is were still to be a problem, and that would be regardless of any vascular compression seen on MRI at the REZ. At the end of the day this might be involve only self help with regards to the neck

Yes that does make the most sense to start with the neck issues. I would just like to see an overall change in the treatment of TN. I wish the medical field would start looking at the neck as a possible cause. why does that make so much sense to me and not Drs treating this. It could possibly make such a quality of life difference for so many people suffering with TN. I guess it is really up to us sufferers to seek out what ever will help. I do appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. thank you!

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I was just diagnosed with TN about a week ago and have been put on carbamazepine 200mg per day. I have noticed that I am VERY tired in the mornings but the day before yesterday I went to sleep and woke up feeling as if I was spinning and falling out of bed, I wasnt tho. I have been going to a chiropractor for my neck which is completely straight no curve, which they think is a big reason I have TMJ ( from a car accident in 1986 )

I have TN. Neck pain stops me in my tracks. Dont want to leave a long message I might get thrown out of room. Ask Why? Just hope this website will help. Hope you all have pain free days coming your way

Thank you for this post. I was diagnosed with TN about a month ago. I am on 1800mg of Trileptal and gabapentin as needed, my pain is still pretty bad most days. I had an MRI and the only thing they saw was my neck is completely straight as well. I am going to look into this and I’ll let you all know if I find anything useful.

I AGREE! Now, my neck is physically fine, but after a bad flare of TN2 I will often be numb on that side. Per my nuero suggestion I tried professional neck/shoulder massage basically to see what would happen, particularly since it was non-invasive the only thing I had to lose was the cash for the appointment.

She massaged behind my ear and I could feel it in my chin and along the nerve path my TN2 tends to follow. It was truly strange but not horrible and not particularly painful. The the feeling came back in my face! Now, the first time it last about a day. I went back several weeks in a row after that first experience and ended up getting 97% of the feeling back in my face. I went about every 5-6 weeks after that for about 7 months and enjoyed having normal feeling in my face the entire time.

I went into something of flare after that and decided I wasn’t interested in risking a massage making it hurt worse. I spoke to the woman who had been treating me and she agree, there just isn’t that much information about TN/TN2 flares out there to risk massage a nerve that was clearly already inflamed in some manner.

But the shoulder/neck massage absolutely worked for me and provided relief. For all I know I would have flared much sooner than the 9 months it took to have a bad spell again.

I worked as a massage therapist for 13 years and you see a smart therapist. Because nobody is really sure what sets TN off, disturbing it during wicked pain can cause it to be worse. I havent had a massage in years and now work in front of a computer all day. I can tell a huge difference in my neck back and shoulders. I know it’s not helping my pain but I don’t think I would be able to get massaged right now although I could totally use one. I’m thinking about seeing a chiropractor soon.