Young with TN

First of all, I’m glad I found this place.
I went undiagnosed with TN for almost a year. Ive just been diagnosed and have been on tegretol for 4 days now. I hope it works! Anyways, chewing triggers my attacks… I’m having a hard time finding foods I can eat that requires little to no chewing, I also can’t eat cold foods and drinks. So far I have yogurt, mashed potatoes, and soup, and some dry cereals that can melt in my mouth. I really need some ideas especially because I’m a picky eater. Thanks

I too was recently diagnosed. I was put on Tegretol by an ER surgeon with no clues as to what to expect. It will take some time before you notice any difference, but with me each day got just a little bit better. Within 2 weeks I was feeling decent, hope this is the case for you as well!! Good luck and keep us posted!

Thank you so much! And good luck to you too.

If you liquidise your food, you may be able to eat anything you would normally eat until you get better with your prescribed medication. When all this started for me and my teeth hurt, I liquidised a lot of food, including vegetables to make vegetable soup and meat, such as chicken. It took a while to work that out. I lost 17 lbs before I decided to go down that route and get the liquidiser out of the cupboard, which had not be used for a while and I had forgotten we had. But it helped whilst I was in pain and couldn’t eat very well. Hope you feel better soon. Best wishes.

Scrambled eggs with cheese. Tastes good, easy to eat, and lots of protein.

Thanks everyone. I also got some pudding. I love scrambled eggs with cheese… With or without pain.