Young Adult Books

My daughter and I went to Half Priced Books the other day. I was specifically looking for two books, which is never the case. I can't leave that store without spending a hundred dollars and can't get my Amazon cart under 400 titles!

I was looking for Goldfinch and Dr. Sleep. They were sold out so I took my 9yr old daughter to the Young Adult section which is haphazardly mixed with ages 6-18 years old in reading level and content. BTW-- I'm reading the 2nd book of "The Mortal Instruments" City of Ashes (I taught 8th grade Reading for 19yrs so I still stay abreast in YA books whether I want to or not!!) Anyways, I was helping my daughter find some summer reading books. She likes ghost stories and The Magic Treehouse series. While browsing, I found so many books that I remember reading as a YA that had a lasting impact on me. For ex. Are You There God, It's Me Margaret? , "The Ghost of Windy Hill." and " That Was Then, This Is Now" (sorry for the improper format. It's difficult to underline using my tablet)

It was nice to see and touch those books and do some reminiscing.

My question to you is ... What books had an impact on you as a Young Adult?

I was a voracious reader from about age eight onward. I'm not sure what got my interest in science fiction, but Robert A. Heinlein's books absolutely absorbed me. I've just re-read "Tunnel in the Sky" and it is still as good as it was the first time. "Citizen of the Galaxy" was also engaging and instructive. The recent movie didn't do justice to Starship Troopers as a young man's coming of age story. Heinlein was far ahead of his time in his insights into the nature and faults of western civilization.

I went on to become a course developer and to teach adults as one element of a 45 year dual career as a military officer and later senior systems engineer in defense aerospace. Some of Heinlein's insights formed a lot of my attitude toward military discipline.