Xylocaine nasal spray

Look what I have come accross!!!
I think this could help us with ATN… The terrible pain in the gums.

William H. Frey II, Ph.D., and colleagues note that drugs administered to the nose travel along nerves and go directly to the brain. One of those nerves is the trigeminal nerve, which brings feelings to the face, nose and mouth. Until now, however, scientists never checked to see whether intranasal drugs passing along that nerve might reach the teeth, gums and other areas of the face and mouth to reduce pain sensations in the face and mouth.
Neil Johnson, working in the labs of Frey and Leah R. Hanson, Ph.D., at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minn., found that lidocaine or Xylocaine, sprayed into the noses of laboratory rats, quickly traveled down the trigeminal nerve and collected in their teeth, jaws, and mouths at levels 20 times higher than in the blood or brain. The approach could provide a more effective and targeted method for treating dental pain/anxiety, trigeminal neuralgia (severe facial pain), migraine, and other conditions, the scientists say.


Interesting stuff! While the effects of xylocaine are fairly short-lived, it would be nice if this could open the door for more providers trying this approach for temporary or acute relief of severe pain episodes.

This make a lot of sense to me.

I had fallen asleep with my temple on one of my knuckles.

I woke up and went to bed, and at 2 am woke up with tremendous pain in my left cheek bone, and the bones

in my forehead and jaw. I got to my regular doc, and he tried to tell me it was sinus.

I knew it wasn't but thought i would try the flonase he prescribed, along with some fioracet.

When I took that sinus spray, all hell broke loose, It felt like worms were wiggling in my sinuses, they

were so over stimulated. Ever since that spray, I have these ten or fifteen second horrible deep brain

migraines on an off, all the time. I would have lost my mind in short order, if when I called back

the next day, my docs older partner, new what my problem was. Unfortunatlly, that damage has been permanent.

Lucky for me Gabapenten is keeping it all at bay, but I know from experience,

that the sinus would be a good conductor of some sort of medication. This is pretty great news.

Gee, this is awesome news. I'm taking this post to my pain dr... While the topical creme works a tad, I would think this would work inside the mouth, esp. the gums. Thanks so much for posting!!!

This news gives me some hope that Lidocaine sprayed into the nose may be a more effective way to target Type 2 TN pain. In November 2009 I had dental implant surgery. Since the surgery I’ve been suffering from constant and severe burning and throbbing where implants have been placed. This unrelenting nerve pain has seriously affected the quality of my life. Recently a dental surgeon prescribed a topical cream that includes Lidocaine and Gabapetin which I spread inside my mouth on top of the implants. The cream numbs my gum but does nothing for the deep burning and throbbing in the jaw bone. It makes sense to me that intranasal Lidocaine could travel from the Trigeminal nerve to the small nerves inside inside the jaw bones. Thank you so much for posting this valuable and promising information. I will ask for a prescription,