I have type 2 TN. I have been DESPERATE for pain relief. The only thing my Neuro will give me is Neurontin, Tegretol, and One .5 mg of Klonipin. I am allergic to the Tegretol and I suffer every day in misery with just those Meds. So please don’t judge me when I tell you my sister gave me some Xanax. I just take a fourth of one at a time…omg what a relief I get from it!!

What I am wondering is what would help the most, like what would be the strongest and help for this type pain in this type drug class… Xanax, Valium, or Klonipin?
Because I get into a new Neuro in April and I think he will listen to me.

From the poll i did here… Klonopin is the front runner!!!

You can tell the doctor that it helps mannnny here!

Me, Xanax does not effect pain like you are referring to above. It can help with the overwhelming anxiety we feel when a flare is going but it is not effective on pain. I could be wrong but I have never seen or heard of it used for pain. I am sure it can help with *dealing* with pain as it is a benzo and depresses the nervous system but it has no effect on the pain itself. if it helps you though you can try talking to your Neuro and see what he/she thinks. The problem with benzos is the body becomes physically dependent on them. Sudden removal can cause various symptoms and be life threatening like the DTs and alcohol. Not to be taken lightly. I have taken Xanax off and on for years due to a GAD and panic attacks but my doctor only gives me a few a month and I must manage them. How on Earth are you breaking up the pills into fourths? That has me curious lol In any event, best to talk to your doctor about it. You should be a team.

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Yes KC that makes sense, if a benzo were used Klonopin would be the smartest choice. It's longer lasting and not so "doping" to the senses. It just takes longer for the effects to kick in.

Hi Me,

Geez I have seen you on here asking about meds for a couple of months now. I cannot believe that your neuro is so unwilling to help you by trying other medication. That is really horrible.

I have Type 2 as well so I understand what you are going through with pain. It is debilitating and mind altering. I am so sorry that you are in pain and I hope your new neurologist helps you.

I don't judge you at all for trying your sister's medication. I mean, I know there are good reasons for not sharing medication, but how much can I person put up with!


Cherri sorry but you sound like some of the Drs I’ve been to. I’m telling you that the Xanax and Klonipin goes directly to this Nerve Pain and gives me relief for a few hours. Doesn’t it make sense that they are nerve drugs?? Anyways I have found that the fourth of a bar helps the best. I can live much longer in this constant pain without relief. Thank you for all your replays. I’m just trying to find help.

Jane what all do you take?

I just sent you a message :)

Btw-both Xanax and Klonopin work on your brain and your nerves to relax them. Look them up online. It states that right in their description.

justjane, I am very familiar with how Xanax works, that is why I commented.

I think the condescending comment was uncalled for Me I was just trying to help.

Cherri, I am sorry. I was just trying to get my point across about how the Xanax does indeed help this nerve damage type pain. And I do thank you for your input.

I’ve just heard too many Dr’s say that it does not help it when I KNOW for a fact it does. I want them to believe me.

I decided to give Amitriptyline another try. I took one 25 mg last night, and today my pain has been much less already. I did of course have to take a long nap tho. Lol. I have not even taken any Xanax or Klonipin yet either, but it feels like it may be starting up now so I may have too. But usually by this time of day I have had to take a few things to help.

This site is so awesome…all of us trying to help each other as we all try to find answers to this pain relief.

God bless you all!

Just dont mix the two!

Don’t mix which two?

I didn't realize that they had an affect on the nerves. I looked them up after this discussion and was surprised that they have a neurological affect as well as a calming affect.

Cherri said:

justjane, I am very familiar with how Xanax works, that is why I commented.

I think the condescending comment was uncalled for Me I was just trying to help.

xanex and clonopin == bad mix-- unless pharmacist says ok

Not sure if we have talked before But I suggest you try Nortriptyline for your type 2 pain Its a tricylic anti depressant and has properties to help with anxiety like Xanax does. I suffered for 6 mths in pain glad I finally tried this med. when the anti sez meds didn't do anything for me. I now take 75 mg of Nortriptyline a day and it has really saved my life. Feel free to write me!!

It’s all good Me :slight_smile: We all are just trying to help each other and we all are very frustrated :slight_smile:

Please be careful very careful in that it is never advised to take another persons meds(no judging here) but I would be cautions because xanex is a bensodiazopein A highly addictive medication please advise your new doc that you may want to try another med such as lyrica or topamax The benzos are extremely hard to get off once you get a habit going. I’m a psychotherapist specialized in addiction
Hang in their

I know it does concern me also, but when your in that kind of pain and your Dr just says to take more Tegratal than you got to do what you go to do. That kind of constant misery pain every day all day is not tolerable.

I tried Topamax and it did not work. Cymbalta too.

Anyway just this week I’m back on Amitriptyline and it is really helping a lot. I’m thinking once I can get up to 75 to 100 mg of it I can get off of Neurontin and won’t need any Xanax.

I can def understand your situation
I only started tegretol a week and half ago and I’m highly allergic too
I knew I would be because I’m allergic to lyrica and eleval
The only thing that has minimized my pain is prednisone and oxycodone
I went to see a neurosurgeon so far, and I asked for the meds that work in addition to what he gave, I didn’t like the answer I got !
So I’m going to see a pain management dr on wed
For now, my mom has some meds to lend me and I don’t care if people from an opionion, it helps my stabbing, electric shocking pains that are inhuman and unbearable
Do what helps you but do it carefully that’s all