Wrong Diagnosis (maybe dental trauma)

Seven weeks ago I bit down on a hard cracker, I felt pain in my front left tooth. The tooth ached for several days afterwards, it felt bigger than the rest, the ache has been very intense, quite severe at times.

I went to my dentist, he could not find anything wrong, an x-ray was taken and did not show any problems. He said he was unable to help me, he said he would refer me to Maxillofacial.

I had my referral with Maxillofacial, what a complete waste of time that was. I only got diagnosed with Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia again, this I already know.

Now my dentist is to scared to treat me, says he can no longer help.

I feel the real problem is being missed, biting down on a hard cracker has obviously caused trauma to the tooth, either a micro-crack, damaged the nerve and/or the ligaments etc.

Tooth is now becoming sensitive to hot fluids and hot foods, this would point towards the tooths pulp not being able to recover, and all my dentist and the specialist can say is... its your ATN causing the pain.

They are missing the real problem in fear of ATN, if this is my ATN causing the issue, I will eat my hat. This pain all started after biting down on a hard cracker for god sake, sometimes these health professionals dont know they a.s.s from their elbow.

I have now written a letter of complaint to my Dentist, Maxillofacial and NHS England.

Can anyone other any help ?


I am now in week 10 and still have pain from front upper left #1.

I have seen two Maxillofacial consultants in the last 4 weeks, first consultant says I'm suffering from ATN, the second consultant says my tooth is traumatised and it needs more time to heel. He has made me an appointment to have a gum-shield made to help take the stress off the tooth during everyday activities.

My own view is, I reckon the tooth is dying, or is dead. I mentioned this to the Maxillofacail consultant and he said ''No its not dead yet'' I asked how he could tell, he did not answerer.

Has anyone ever bitten down on hard food and been in pain with a dull heavy ache for 10 weeks ?

Please help!