Worst recovery yet

I went in fir my 3rd surgery (plus gamma knife makes 4) this Monday. We made the decision to cut the nerve. Surgery went well, but oh my god this recovery has been horrific. They took my catheter out right away so I immediately had to start getting out of bed to pee in a toilet that was just out. In the open in my room. Assholes. It was at a teaching hospital so I kept getting swarms of med students in my room. They never gave me adequate pain control while I was there so I literally screamed and moaned for 12+ hours straight. The pressure in my head is still not regulated. They refused to give me what I know helps my pain and instead tried to pull me off all of my meds cold turkey and gave me methadone and Tylenol. I had horrible wrenching and disfiguring neck spasms several times. Nobody was giving me my meds properly. My mom was a trooper staying awake for early 4 days and trying to keep everyone out once I got to a regular room so I could rest. I ended up staying an extra day at the hospital bc I couldn’t eat. Or drink without vomiting. That’s finally getting better at least. I feel like I’ve been to the dentist but no tn pain on that side at least. I don’t think I will have a good grasp on what pain is what until the pressure equalizes and I can move my head again. I attached a pic of my incision for this surgery. Also everyone is worried bout me having a bowel movement, but I gotta tell ya, unless it just falls out I want nothing to do with it. I tooted and it felt like the top of my head was going to blow off. I am nowhere near appreciating this surgery yet. Holy Jesus this sucks. Looking at this screen is causing a massive headache so I’m out.
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Oh my goodness, sounds horrid!
I hope and will pray that THIS is what brings you long lasting relief sweetie!
May the days ahead get easier and more comfortable, perhaps someone can get you a stool softener to ease the inevitable!
Thinking of you with positive thoughts and gentle (((( hugs )))), take care of you… Mimi xx

I’m so sorry for you being neglected!! Very much looking forward to
reading what your new head feels like! Rest much!

I’m on top of the stool softener mini! I learned my lesson after my last surgery. I’m taking them twice a day until something happens lol.
Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Had a little better evening. Ate a real dinner and got to lay on the couch for a little bit. Taking recovery slow is the hardest part

You are one gutsy girl! I too am prayin for you to be pain free and to have a quick recovery! Take care.

You've been through hell.!.Hopefully it's all done now and only better days ahead!I guess you'll have to get used to being numb on that side,but it beats the heck out of the pain we know so well.

Update: talked to my surgeon today and he said most people are miserable for aroun two weeks. Thank god my pain management doc near my home has bee great about helping to stay outfox as much pain as possible. The Vicodin the hospital sent me home with was not nearly enough. I am eating and. Drinking without puking now and some of the numbness is already going away, mostly my tongue (from the back forward) and my upper lip. I’m still I too much surgery pain to tell how well it’s worked on tn pain. Keeping the faith! Trying to sleep/rest as much as possible. My parents have both commented that neither of them realized how swollen the left side of my face was until now. Apparently it has gone down an for the first time in 2 years both sides of my face look the same. I’m sure I will appreciate this more when I can move my head without the combo head rush/brain freeze feeling that makes me want to die. This has to be it. Whatever level of pain reduction I get will have to be what I take. I can’t make it through anymore surgeries.

Thinking and praying for you xx

Hcal, you have been through so much it’s hard to imagine. You sound like a very strong and courageous lady! Praying this surgery will have you pain free!

Praying for you and hoping it gets better each day.