Wonder if it would be safe to take Neurontin and add one Tegretol a day to that?

Would it be safe to take Neurontin 3000mg a day and add one Tegretol a day to that? I need pain relief until I can get into a specialist. I have ATN.

That’s what I take??? Either the dr is right or trying to knock me off haha

Call pharmacist !!

i agree with KC...call pharamists or doctor...

However, i will share that I take 2400mg gabapentin plus 1200mg of tegretol and 30mgs of baclofen each day. Im not encouraging you to do so without talking to medical practicioner...just sharing that i do take those two drugs together myself.

~Wishing you a speedy discussion with your pharmacists/doctor


Thank you for your replies. I did talk to dr and he said yes I can. He also called me in some lidocaine patches. I have not tried them yet.