Wisdom teeth

I haven't had mine removed yet, and am wondering if anyone's ever had a problem with wisdom teeth causing TN? I've read the opposite where dental work causes TN but not sure about the other way around...I was referred to the neuro from an oral surgeon after he x-rayed and couldn't find anything out of place.

The other thing is I've had this sour fluid coming in from the left side behind the last molar for a few months, basically at the "Parotid gland" and I get this sharp intense ripping, stinging type pain in the area where that gland is. It seems like fluid follows the sharp pain, I get the pain then liquid drips into my mouth. I spit some of it out on a white napkin and it was clear...that gland is on a bunch of nerves in the face, and I was reading you can get infections there which cause cranial nerve pains.

Ugh...still not getting anywhere, I just keep upping my meds but am almost at the max on the 2 that have made things somewhat "tolerable", the pain(s) never get completely eliminated...

Started on 25mg of nortriptyline, now I'm at 100mg and probably need to go up again. Started on 150mg of oxcarbazapine 2x daily, now I take 450mg 2x daily and probably should go up to 600mg...already been through gabapentin and no longer take it.

Have a word with Red about this, it is totally beyond any knowledge I have. All the best.

Hi Shindig,
I’ve had all my wisdom teeth out, actually last one was taken out in 2002 a month after my dx with TN. I didn’t know much about TN then (which was a blessing). My last wisdom tooth was impacting a molar, so I had to have it surgically removed under anaesthesia (sp?)
My TN at that time only affected me under my right eye.
I didn’t have any issues with recovery.
I’m not a dentist, but seeing as though you have sour fluid, I’m leaning towards possible infection? I don’t know, but I would have someone look into it, maybe get a few opinions.

I’m sorry you’re still struggling with pain relief…me too, it sucks!
I’m currently on 1600mg Tegretol XR, 60mg Baclofen and 30mg Dilantin.
I have direction to increase the Dilantin but I’m being cautious due to the side effects… Also awaiting a date for mvd.
I hope you get things sorted with your teeth and that you are able to find pain relief soon.
(( hugs )) Mimi

Yes for me - both

For two years I've had that gland keep getting infected over and over -- The first thing they usually test you for is Sojourns or maybe Lupus -- it taste sooo nasty -- they give me antibiotics and sometimes steroids and it goes away but comes back....you should see an ENT - Ear Nose Throat Dr.

I got TN (on the opposite side) of a wisdom tooth pulled. - after 2 years of research - I think my bad neck could not take anymore whiplash -- I KNOW that he jerked my head around while I was asleep - It was a deep tooth that was sideways.

I cannot prove this - I just found that whiplash can cause TN - and I have been in mannnnyyyyy fender benders where somebody has given me whiplash.

Keep researching!!! But don't stay on the "why" too long - it's a moot point for now -- find YOUR best treatment by learning.

Under the groups tab above -- you can click and find a dental group - or you can put any oral surgery or dental term in the search box above and see hundreds of postings from us.

I had a wisdom tooth pulled thinking it was causing the pain. In my case was not related. Sounds like an ENT could help & good luck & hope you find the cause & solution.
I had my 2nd MVD 7 weeks ago & it is a blessing to be pain free. I owe my thanks to my NS ADR Sanan in Tucson.

MVD is covered by many insurance plans. My operation/hospital stay was $50,000 and the payment for us was $500 - worth every penny in my case.

--- they cover the nerve ending with teflon - not cotton. My surgeon said "of brain surgeries - this is rated a 1 on a scale of 1-10) , in recovery, pain level, etc. compared to tumor removal etc. its a small risk.

if you snip the nerve you could have Pain + Numbness for life

If you have any questions of who to see, or what to do about multiple neuralgias -- message to RED on here - he is on vacation and will answer soon.

Please don't go removing wisdom teeth willy nilly - get second or third opinion if needed.

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