Will I be able to work soon?

I work as a retail manager in a large store. I am newly diagnosed with TN and am taking lyrica that seems to be helping. The side effects are difficult to deal with. I have heard someone on here mention feeling like a Qtip head and that’s an accurate description. I am so tired all of the time with waves of exhaustion hitting me throughout the day. I am so easily distracted that my usually multitasking self is screwing up big time. I messed up 3 customer orders and when talking to my customers I often lose my Train of thought or search for the right word. our store is so fast paced that I am left lagging behind. I leave each day feeling dumb and embarrassed. I am usually the go to girl as I have the highest tenure in the store. I am also the one who would just do what needs to be done. Art needs to be hung, furniture order brought out from back and loaded, display set up, irate customer to be made happy I take care of it. The first week on my medicine I avoided people I was unsteady on the ladder and I would go in the back to get an order become distracted and leave the customer waiting. My store manager was patient but the second week on multiple occasions she suggested me going on a leave of absence. I took my sick time this week but I feel pressured to leave. I need to tell her tomorrow what I decide. I’m afraid if I don’t go she will document my mishaps and I will lose my job. I have short term disability but I am nervous to use it. I have never been off work except when I’ve been injured.
Do other medications have less effects? Should I ask my dr to change them? I know I was struggling at work, to be honest I struggle with my own housework. The unsteadiness can come across me out of no where and sometimes my perception is off. What I’m really struggling with is the idea that this may be my new norm:( I’ve been on the meds for 3 weeks but my last dose increase was on Friday. Does it take a long time to adjust? Please share some words of wisdom. I really could use them right now.

I also had severe side effects yo Lyrica. If a drug has a side effect I have it. The list is too log to put in here. I am presently on Vimpat. It is fairly new and expensive,BUT it does the job and I have not had any side effects. Talk to your Dr and maybe get some samples to try. I like the smallest dose possible,then add as needed.

Thanks galli
I will talk to my doctor about trying something new.

Dizzy, I have the same mental confusion. But, being on a combo of Lyrica and codeine, I wasn’t sure which it was. I’m a teacher, so it’s been really tricky for me too. However, my work have been completely awesome about my current limitations. And I live alone, so I don’t have the household issues you’re trying to deal with.

For me, the Lyrica increases took about 4-5 days to kick in. I don’t know enough about the pharmacokinetics of Lyrica to say whether or not that’s a normal reaction time.