"white coat syndrome since TN diagnosis

Since getting diagnosed with TN, I find that I have terrible anxiety about going to the doctor for anything. They call it “white coat syndrome”. I will go if I absolutely have to, but I guess deep inside I’m afraid I will be diagnosed with something else horrible and incurable.
I take a small anti-anxiety dosage every day, but still have panic attacks if I need to go to the doctor for anything.
Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone have any words of support, or maybe advice?

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Hi there.
Not sure how you wrote in the way-but good for you.Probably the device you used.
I am terrified of going to the pain specialist after the problem a couple months ago.Any new doctor my back is on edge.
Even thinking of going makes me nauseous .
So I don’t know.
Maybe if you meditated and medicated before going it would not be as horrid.Hope other people have better ideas.

Sorry if you had trouble reading my post. I am on a regular PC at work…
Anyway, it is good to hear that someone else is experiencing similar things. What do you do for flu, sore throat, etc Do you have the same experience with them, or only pain doctors?
Yes, I avoid going if at all possible I meditate, pray, and take any medicine that I can. I also bring my wonderful husband with me. Some doctors seem sympathetic, some do not. I have only had one nurse who was helpful at all.
What other advice do you have, or anyone else have?

I can read this one fine!Silly computers.
I try and meditate the night before.And try and imagine the appointment and the out come and how all will be good.
It is all I can do.
Avoiding doctors is getting very hard for me.
Glad you have a supportive husband.
Take care

Firstly, just remember the doctors are only messengers, they’re not creating the problems, just informing you of their existence, surely you would rather be informed so you can make appropriate decisions.
Secondly, they’re not perfect, so consider them to be advisors primarily that are wrong plenty of the time, so gather information from many other sources as well, like here, rest of net, family, friends, books and even other doctors if you can afford to, that way you will equip & empower yourself to make the best decisions for yourself.
Thirdly, whatever you can do to bring that anxiety level down, as already mentioned, meds, meditation, distraction, mantras, positive thinking etc.
I always try to remind myself, “There is nothing in the world worthy of worry, there are only problems to be addressed.” when you occupy yourself with worry you detract from your cognitive & problem solving ability.

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I also like the saying: where there is no solution there is no problem.

Which to me means if there’s no way to “fix” or “cure” then there’s nothing left to worry about, only management skills to learn. I think that takes away an enormous amount of stress.


If you have already been diagnosed with TN you might ask to be referred to a neuro-surgeon to discuss options of treatment.

Hello kudasai…

I have and do experience anxiety & panic attacks more than I like to admit. For me it has been extreme life events that happened to me. It makes for a “triggered” event by people, places or flashbacks from music, smells, etc, etc. It comes from anything that dramatically changes your life. Anxiety, panic attacks & for me I have PTSD. The first are much more manageable & most people experience in life as is normal. For others it becomes more then a inconvenience when brought in by severe event or events. Like a car accident that forever changes ones driving ability or experiences, and some it is abuse, harrassment, social anxiety, certain individuals/people, places and most definitely “Medical experiences.”

I know of some who refuse at all costs going to hospitals…I mean couldn’t visit me in hospital after surgery until I was home because of anxiety. It is real, it is sudden and easy to have it take you by surprise & feeling awkward it is happening & what to do

I have sought help in many forms holistic, book, professionally, medicine, personal beliefs/faith, friends, family, etc. Only because for me it caused over time full body reactions that were overwhelming debilitating. Both Physical & mental symptoms come with anxiety it is different just how severe you feel & are “attacked” by this crazy force.

Bottom line, accept it is real and not anything you did or doing wrong. It happens subconsciously and isn’t typically logical as it is a result of what “has” Happened not what is going or may happen. Being prepaired is smart & honest. I have found Medicine wise Dramamine is good alternative to the benzo’s & works wonders. Just 1 can be plenty as 2 is stronger then you may imagine but helps the upset stomach/nasuea & heart racing.

Always ask a doctor for you situation of course, but breathing deep breaths I know is the good ole thing people say but does help slow the racing heart & can be done while waiting in office.

Just think as quick as you got bad news you wish never was possible it can also happen to hear of medical advances, a cure or just hope and support! (Sure beats the other unwanted thoughts that can racing through the mind) Some doctors really are amazing & some just don’t realize how they affect their patients when giving advice. The support of 1+ is incredible, so if possible to have someone you feel comfortable to talk with after appointments that can relieve a lot of pressure/anxiety to set up. No matter what you hear w/doctor you then have an appointment set as a safe place w/support.

Planning something right to be alone if possible is good also. A place you enjoy, a favorite restaurant, a favorite CD/song you can be in parking lot & just enjoy/re-group. It may seem silly but isn’t… go get your favorite snack, etc. & take care of you Just something to get your mind to look forward to " after" appointments, to switch the minds thoughts, a re-direct. If anxiety continues, be easy on yourself. Find what works “for you” & in my experience don’t let anyone make you feel bad you feel how you do & if you choose more help, meditation, therapy…it is your choice to be better & heal. Be proud & confident you care enough about yourself to want to feel better. It is your life, body & mind no one else’s. It is hard for many to understand how news that changes your life affects everyday thinking & life. Everyone reacts different & many ailments have cures or terminal not can live with for loooooong time while suffering & if treatable great but TN is unique. Know at least remission is real, support is here & anxiety is more normal then many want to admit. Find someone or thing that doesn’t judge you for being “you” & just being honest & asking on this post shows a lot of strength in you.

I have read books & found other things that have helped me. Time does heal but anxiety is a real pain, literally. Recognizing it & seeking what works for you helps & you are doing. I hope helps some. Best of all things good to you!

Dear Charfox,
Thank you so much for your sympathy, kindness and understanding. Thanks
for taking the time to write. Your words are life-giving. Your suggestions
will really help. Thanks!

You’re very welcome…thanks for being open about a very real issues. Cheers for best days to you!