Which Dr is best at DIAGNOSING?, Tried a balloon IN the NERVE?

I consider myself fairly well-read on TN / ATN / AFP / TN1 / TN2... I've - so far - managed 2.5 years of very nearly constant pain in my face & head. I have sometimes believed myself to be dying (prior to a better understanding & imaging), and other times, rather wished I was. I have been to the Mayo Clinic and seen 20+ other physicians, with an assortment of opinions. I've tried 7 pages of medications and various other treatments. My pain management specialist suggested that it's time I head to Johns Hopkins. He mentioned a surgical intervention he called "trigeminoplasty" (by which a balloon is inserted INTO the nerve, inflated, and removed - to relieve compression). I can find nothing on the subject online. Has anyone had this procedure done, with/without success? I'd really like to put an end to the pain - surgically. One concern of mine is that I have believed myself to have TN2 - and thus, that surgery is less likely to bring relief, and - worse - may exacerbate the pain. So, prior to committing, I'd like to travel (from Alaska) to be seen by whoever is best at diagnostics. Any opinions on who that might be?