Where is your pain

I had most of my pain located in my jaw, but today I am having the worse pain in my ear and along my cheek. I am on 600 mg tegretol, but for some reason it is losing its ability to control the pain....I have only been taking it for a month. What is going on with my, is there any other person that the pain seems to change locations? Typing this is a chore, I am out of my mind with pain....it lasts for 30 seconds to a minute, then free's me for about 3 minutes and comes back........can't stand it....can't handle it...should I go to the hospital? Should I just try to deal with it? The hospital just sent me home last time. What do I do? Can't live like this....this isn't living

My pain is all over my left side. It for sure moves around but my ear pain is absolutely the worse. I was like that on Friday and I could not handle the pain. Hang in there, I know how you feel. Tomorrow will be a better day. I never understood how there are days that the pain gets like that. Mine was a constant pain at way beyond a 10 for about 12 hours. You do feel at those times its not worth it, but it is. It will get better!!

Sounds like we are having a similar day today. I am sitting at my desk in a fog from all the meds that have not kept my pain from creeping up to a 9 today. I don't find the ER very helpful at all. They treat you like a drug seeker and don't really do anything helpful. I have TN and ATN so i've had periods where i'm at a constant 9-10 for days and weeks at a time and I feel it will take my sanity. My neurologist told me to call him when that happens so they can give me a shot of something but honestly I get paralyzed when I enter these states and I have never taken him up on this offer so I don't know if it would be effective because i'm already on decent doses of anti-convulsants and narcotics which sometimes seem to have no effect... like today. I find myself pulling on my ear when I get that pain to try to pull the pressure off the nerve. One day I think I may actually rip my ear off! Do you have a neurologist following your care? If you do or if not, I would call him/her or your PCP and get some advice from them on what you should do. I'm so sorry we are both having this today... i'm holding your hand in spirit. -Laura

I have had a really bad week too but it is starting to subside. I am on Tegratol 400 mg every 12 hours and a Lyrica 150 mg chaser every 12 hours. My pain is from just behind my lower right ear and it goes down to my chin and into my lower teeth. It's on the right side and the pain bleeds off to the left. I usually have a pain in my jaw just below and in front of my lower ear.

I have been eating Vanilla Ice Cream and I don't know if it's the cold or it's just really good that helps me not notice the pain, if it's there at all.


Mine was so tolerable with the Gabapentin/Oxycarpezine mix until 10 days ago and out of the blue the meds work like 4 hours. Doctor has me trying a extended relief Oxycarpezine and I wake up amazing and by noon its all over. And today I am in a fog. I cant just work in the mornings. Ugh.