When is rt side "teeth" pain just right side teeth pain?

I’m sitting here doing my art work and the right side of my mouth/teeth hurt. I should assume that if it really were my teeth they would have hurt all day long? I dislike assuming. I haven’t been a good girl about taking my meds on time today, my mouth is hurting more each passing hour. I guess I’m on the road to a particularly bad TN attack?

I have a check up at the dentist on Thursday. What are the odds I have suddenly or not so suddenly developed a bunch of cavities? Pretty good because I haven’t had a FULL ck up in years? I did go after all when this all first started in November and a cursory exam showed nothing wrong tooth wise.

Off to take a pain med, bye.

Phoebe, if the teeth pain are on the same side as your TN, then it's probably just the TN. It never hurts to get a check-up though. The rule my doctor has is no dental work unless something shows on the x-ray. My teeth hurt 24/7 and nothing is wrong with my teeth. It's just the nerve....

However, many of our meds cause dry mouth, and if you have dry mouth, you're much more prone to dental problems. So keep that in mind too.

I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this...

I have had a previous crown and root canal (other side) and that pain NO WHERE approaches the pain I feel in my teeth now. There is no mistaking for me what this is.

It is now 5:40am and I have NO tooth/mouth pain whatsoever. I am going to ASSUME this DOES indicate it was TN breakthrough pain of a slightly different sort at this point?