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What we don't know about doctors in North America


I think this is OK to post as these are all doctors with public records-but the records do not transfer between the Canada and United States.So when we look for info online we cannot find discipline records-or even criminal records-on the physician data base website.
Moderators can wipe this post if they don’t think it fits with the agenda.I just think it is vitally important that people know.I was shocked.


The neurosurgeon who performed brain surgery on me for trigeminal neuralgia in Florida did not do the MVD as discussed presurgery. He did injure my brain and make all 3 branches of my trigeminal nerve in constant pain. If you think your trigeminal neuralgia is as bad as it could be, I’m here to tell you, it can be made much worse. Since he operated I have new problems which are worse–epilepsy, cognitive impairment, PTSD. Since he lied on my medical record about the consent form, we really don’t know what he did while he was in my brain. If you have surgery at a University Hospital in Florida, you have no right to sue or learn the truth. The hospitals and neurosurgeons are protected by sovereign immunity (can’t sue the government). This law, signed by governor Scott, was meant as a progressive movement of honesty between patient and doctor communication. But while the hospitals and doctors are protected from malpractice suits and battery convictions, they do not have to be accountable to patients, the law, or anyone. They can experiment on you, harm you, and then they bill your insurance for the surgery and all the care needed for their blunders. Neurosurgeons are known for their arrogance, its practically a prerequisite. This law has sadly had the opposite effect of the intention. Hospitals typically protect their neurosurgeons by hushing and hiding their weird God like thinking, because hospitals are big business. And when it gets down to it, neurosurgeons produce huge billing revenues.
The neurosurgeon who operated on me would not explain what went wrong, and said he does not treat problems after surgery, he only does surgery. He never visited me after surgery while I was fighting for my life. The hospital, the law, no one made him accountable whatsoever for what he has done to me and my family.
Watch out


Hi Mercy
I am so sorry this happened to you.
Thank you for posting.I am not sure if you posted just to me-I do think others should be able to read this.
How awful.
I cannot say any more.my stomach is turning.
You deserve some kind of answer as to what went wrong-you know-just so it does not happen to the next guy.


thanks for your condolences because that guy ended my life as I knew it. I’ve lost my career, my grand babies, my grown children, my marriage is just sad for my husband, my abilities. my masters in medical administration means nothing when I get confused loading a dishwasher. I’ve never had a traffic ticket and I have a Volvo sitting in the driveway that other people have to drive me if I go anywhere, so I’ve stopped going anywhere. the neurosurgeon has a public relations video on youtube talking about his private plane and Ivy League schools and careers for his children. but he cut my life short at 50. I pray everyday for God to help me forgive him. so that when I die I don’t allow him to take my soul too. my organizational skills are nil now, they call it executive function. but if I could get my previous mind and abilities back just for a week, I would organize a protest and pay for billboards to warn the public. I am not the only patient he has injured or killed. Like I said, hospitals are big business and those stories are buried or squashed all in the name of protecting their precious money. making neurosurgeons. I posted what happened to me with names and dates on this forum and the moderator took it down immediately and warned me that neurosurgeon is powerful and could harm me. geez what more could he do to me? come for me you low life piece of ya know what


Hello Mercy

I am so sorry

Is it possible for another surgeon to undo some of the wrongs?

I mean it sincerely.

** know what the answer probably is-but if I were you I would be contacting the BIG guys.

Also-you have grand babies.

You want to be around and or leave them something to remember grandma by.Please think of what you can do for those kids.

Put your energy into that.

Get someone in your family to hire the best lawyer possible and let that person deal with that.

You do not need that stress.

Something very strange happened when I was meditating a few days ago and I met my 3 month old self and that little bitty person was so amazed at my life

You are a hero to that little person in you.You have the best cheer leader anywhere-right in your heart.

If it helps to chat with a sort of stranger then please contact me again.

It is a long winter here in Canada and I am not going anywhere.All my dollars are going into trying to figure out what is wrong with my face.

AAAgain-I am so sorry.

Please tell me about your Grandkids?



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