What treatments have people tried for TN2?

I have taken tegretol ,but am looking for something less side effects & can be taken when needed without a long tapering off.Has anyone tried klonopin?

If that is the same as clonazepam .yes.
You might want to try one of the tricyclic antidepressants like amitryptiline-usually a super low dose has results.I had a bad reaction with numb hands at night-my doctor says impossible-but it happened again when I started it up on my own.But that is unusual.

I second the use of TCA antidepressants, preferably nortriptyline. This forum is filled with people who have tried it with varying levels of success.
Also for me capsaicin cream really works.
Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Capsaicin-Arthritis-w-No-Fuss-Applicator-bottle/dp/B000Q2PU52


I’ll be a third plug for nortriptyline, I got up to a top dose of 100mg a day and was pain free, but It made me super sleepy and mentally spacey at that dose, so I eventually moved to a mix of 50mg nortriptyline and additional lamotrigine (I have only been on it for 3 months and I am still adjusting my dose. But Nortrip was my first effective med that had side effects I could live with and I tried 5 others before it. I wish I had started with the TCA’s it would have saved me from 6 months of suffering.

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I have been using klonipin for about 3 yrs now for Trigenimal neuropathy caused by dental injury, 2 root canals, 2 extractions. I take .5 twice a day. My pain level is about a 6 all day. When I came off of it, my pain was a 10. I also use a compound med with Amytriptline, and clonidine and numbing agent.

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Klonopin is highly addictive and the tapering off depending on dosage and length of time on it can be long. From my experience it was awful.

Addiction and Dependence are 2 different things. Yes our bodies become dependant on the drug . my belief is… If it’s working and helps why taper off. This is a prescribed drug that can yes be abused by many, but for those of us with neuropathic pain, it can be a life saver.

Opioids would help my pain with TN2 but doctors wont prescribe it.I have been hospitalized for TN2.I have never taken any type of drug for anything.I am almost 70 .the depression & pain are much worse than taking a pain medication .Drug addicts have prevented people like myself from receiving treatment for a devastating disease.


Have you ever tried any of the medications that help with TN2. How long have you suffered with it

I have had TN2 for about 10 years now. Lamictal worked well for me for many years, I was actually (knock-on-wood) pain free for many years. I had numbness but little pain, what pain I did have responded to Norco. Unfortunately I went into a terrible flare up last year that lasted most of the year. I ended up coming off Lamictal and increasing my dose of Gabapentin, which I have been taking for 3 years for nerve pain caused by lymph edema in my arm (an unrelated issue). This seems to have worked. I also started using Lidocaine Patch 5% with outstanding success. I had to appeal it through my insurance for coverage but that just involved writing a letter, and now you can get Lidocaine Patch 4% OTC at any local pharmacy. I have found that if I put the patch on at the first vague twinge I can stop a flare in its’ tracks.

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What drugs would that be ? I have had carbamazepine,klonopin,amitriptyline.

drugs for TN2?

dee64, if you can you should purchase the book Striking Back. Its like the bible of TN. There are many drugs and drug combos that do help. I don’t know how long or what dosages you have been on. I am in pain everyday , however for me klonipin helps take the edge off along with the use of a compound made up off lidocaine, Amytriptline and clonidine. Its all trial and error.

I’ll put another plug in for nortriptyline. It especially helps with the constant aching, pulling, boring, or burning sensations. So, if that’s what you are mostly dealing with, I would say give it a try.

Do you put patch on TN or the spot where pain is?

today tried everything.My dentist told me alcohol might work sometimes injected.Had a stiff drink it did calm it down a little.

Oddly, I have noticed when I occasionally have a beer or two it seems to calm it down too. But I am not a big drinker. Your post is interesting… I will pay attention when I do drink to see if it is a repeatable pattern of lessening a bit of the pain.

AlexsMom: Do you put patch on TN or the spot where pain is?

I cut a strip off the patch and run it along the nerve branch that’s firing. I’ve recently discovered a thicker strips (2 inches instead of 1 inch) seems to stay on better. I typically wear the patch along my lower jaw from the side of my chin to the base of my ear.

Alcohol does calm things down temporarily for me, but later, the pain kicks in MUCH worse and is worse the next day. Because of this, I have quit drinking (anything that does that can’t be good for my nerves, and definitely ruins sleep). Just not worth it for me.

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For Lidocaine patches, I use eyelash glue along 2 or 3 sides of the inch wide strips to hold the patches on longer. I put them over the worst points of pain along with a patch right in front of my ear to calm the whole area radiating out, it seems to help my teeth a bit if I get a big one (1"x2") right in front of my ear.