What to expect after MVD Surgery

Have had TN for 7 years and it has been getting progressively worse the past 4-5 months. Finally decided to have the surgery which is scheduled for June 4th. Would appreciate if anyone can share their experience on their recovery after surgery. How long before you were able to drive, exercise etc. Am hoping I will be able to work (from home) for a few hours a day the week following surgery. I don't see my Neurosurgeon for preop and to ask him my laundry list of questions until late next week. Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you!

I had MVD in Sept. 2012. Stay in hospital was 5 days. I was out of work for 2 months but you should be able to do a little work from home in a week or two. I wish you all the best. My surgery was successful, though I had pain post surgery while things healed. So you may not be pain free immediately. I have been pain free since Oct. and med free since dec. I hope you have the same outcome. Good luck!

Thank you for your input! So glad you are pain free and hope it stays that way. I look forward to the same!

Hi Teresa,
I had MVD in January, on a Friday, and was released from the hospital on Sunday. I also work from home and was able to start working a few hours a day my second week post-op. I , like many others, was very tired for several weeks after surgery, so you will definitely need to listen to your body, and get lots of rest. By the third week I was able to drive, but did not do anything physical for at least six weeks. I did not find the recovery bad at all, the only really troublesome thing was a feeling of my ear on the surgery side being clogged. This is normal, but it lasted two months and drove me a bit crazy. Although I still have some TN pain, I am glad I had the surgery and wish you all the best on June 4th.

Hi Christine,

Thank you for sharing your recovery with me. I hope your TN pain goes away permanently and am looking forward to being TN free.


Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have., I am more than happy to help if I can.


I had a very similar experience to Christine's. I went back to work after about a month. I was pretty dizzy for around 3 weeks so I chose not to drive until that cleared up. I woke up pain-free and very happy! Once the initial surgical pain went away, the only bothersome thing was ear pain and numbness along with a feeling of fullness. My doctor said this would either go away or I would get used to it. Either way, I had a great MVD experience and hope the best for you.


#1 thing to remember is it takes an entire year for evvvvverything that was disturbed in your head - to settle down

I laid in bed for 3 weeks -- I was scared to mess it up!!

Every time I asked Dr. Casey -- When Can I_______ -- he said when your body feels is okay to do it!

Big decision for the surgery, but one I’m sure you will be welcoming to hurry up and come. My surgery was 4 months ago. I didn’t work for 5 weeks, (although i do typing for the MS clinic for a urology clinic a couple of times a month on dictaphone, and had to type up for two clinics when i got out of hospital, and had to do it in 15 minute intervals, lying down in between. this was 10 days after surgery) and mostly laid on the lounge and watched tv for this recovery time. I had no side effects, except for feeling tired, a headache for the first couple of weeks, and extreme lethargy. I drove after 2 weeks, as my doctor said I could. I waited until I could comfortably turn my head. My doctor said I shouldn’t do things like vacuuming, washing on line, leaning over to clean a toilet etc for a couple of months. I found I couldn’t even do my ironing for a couple of months. You just need to go at your own pace. Your body will tell you when to slow down. Good luck, and will be thinking of you on 4th June. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to ask.

Varies, for me I was back at work within a month. Spent 2 days in the hospital and the rest at home. Minor incision pain. No TN pain since. The memory of the pain, however, does linger a bit for me. Nasty, nasty, condition to have ( or have had) Good luck.

Yes Rick, it’s the memory of the pain which is hardest to forget. However, I think it has made me more of an empathetic person, which I am grateful for.

I too find myself more sympathetic towards others and realize that everyone is battling some type of issue.

Indeed. It has done the same for me as well.

Gen said:

Yes Rick, it's the memory of the pain which is hardest to forget. However, I think it has made me more of an empathetic person, which I am grateful for.

Thank you all for your comments. Am looking forward to being pain free!

Thanks for asking this question Teresa. I am scheduled for MVD on July 9 and had the same question. Feel better soon!

Good luck Rueann I wish you a speedy recovery and pray that you are forever pain free

I hope your surgery went well. It has ruined my life so far. I’m 3 months post op.

Denise have you posted about this anywhere?

Denise said:
I hope your surgery went well. It has ruined my life so far. I'm 3 months post op.


I hope you don't mind me asking, but how has surgery ruined your life? Are you in more pain now? Thanks!

Denise said:

I hope your surgery went well. It has ruined my life so far. I'm 3 months post op.