What TN can not do

What Trigeminal Neuralgia can not do.
Trigeminal Neuralgia is so limited.
It can not cripple love.
It can not shatter hope.
It can not corrode faith.
It can not eat away peace.
It can not destroy confidence.
It can not kill friendship.
It can not shut out our memories
It can not silence courage.
It can not reduce eternal life.
It can not quench the spirit

I hope to reach the stage where I can believe this is true. It’s a lovely thing to aim for though!


I have had 19 years to come to this point. To get there I had to grieve for the life I had, and find ways to deal with what I call my new normal.


I've had this for 26 years. I hope to reach all of this some day. That's beautiful.