What meds are the best in pain reduction?

I am currently being treated for TN Type 1 and 2. After being prescribed carbamazepine and tramadol for the pain l started the medicaid with hope that it may have some affect and reduce the agony of the attacks.
Unfortunately l had an allergic reaction to the carbamazepine and developed severe itching all over my body and bruising underneath my skin on various parts of my body.

I had to immediately stop the carbamazepine and take an appropriate antihistamine. This led to me not only being in severe agonising pain but completely drowsy and all over the place!

Can anyone advise me on what medications you take or any relief that you have found by any treatment or medications.

I have discovered that an ice pack seems to ease mine a little. I’m not sure if this is working for anyone else?

As a single parent l find it such a battle tackling this nasty condition alongside bringing up my 2 and 3 year olds alone. It really does get you down so l would be so happy to hear from other sufferers. To know that we are not alone and that others understand the levels of pain and emotional trauma caused by this condition. It’s hard to explain to others who have not had it just how bad it really is. You couldn’t imagine it so to talk to others who get exactly what l mean would be great and a comfort.

Hi Emma,

You are not alone. This beast has changed my life, my outlook on everything.
As far as Medicines, I have been fortunate that oxcarbazepimine has been relatively successful . I had MVD a few years ago. It gave me wonderful relief got 18 months. The beast then returned with unspeakable brutality. This past December, I had Gamma Knife. Pain free now most of the time. I went from 5 pills daily, 300 mg each to 2pills. Please work with your neurosurgeon. There are several medicines, mainly anticonvulsants available to you.
There should be on or a combination that should give you some relief.
Don’t lose hope.

Hi Emma,

So sorry to hear that you are suffering. I understand how you are feeling. It took almost 6 months of intense pain before I found a drug combination that has helped me.

Your doctor is the one who must prescribe your medications, but you can research here under Face Pain Info and online at the PubMed website. There are many good suggestions. I actually printed out articles and brought them in for my doctors to read.

What has worked for me is a combination of low doses of Amitriptyline and Gabapentin.

Early on my oral surgeon suggested that I keep a pain journal. A spreadsheet works better for me, but it has proved invaluable as I have been sent from one doctor to another. It provides a quick and easy way for the doctor to see what level of pain I've been experiencing, for how long, and when a particular drug began to help.

Ice and heat can both be useful at different times.

I can't imagine caring for toddlers alone while hurting this bad. Hope you have someone in your life who can give you some help.

Hang in there,


Dear Sergio.

Thankyou kindly for your reply.

You have had some pretty invasive surgery to treat the TN aka ‘the beast’.
It does develop its own character, it really is evil and relentless.

Unfortunately l can’t have gabapentin or carbamazapine. So maybe amitryptaline may be an option.

I have to find something soon as l can’t physically get my daughter of 3 off to nursery during these attacks.

Well wishes

Dear Rissmal

Thankyou so much for the reply.

It’s so nice to hear how other people manage this brutal condition. I sometimes feel up against a battle with my gp for different medications. I also feel that unless you have suffered this then you can’t begin to imagine the severity of the pain.

I am awaiting an appointment with a neuro surgeon and looking forward to some relief.

I’m not quite sure how l get by with 2 children so young. I have to just sit there and ride it out when an attack comes on.
It really is depressing and gets you down.

It’s unfortunate to meet people in these circumstances but nice to know you’re not alone.


Hi Emma,

You are definitely not alone. The beast has done a number on me physically and psychologically.
This forum has bee a wonderful resource for me. I can just imagine how hard this is when having to be a mom to toddlers. Your neurosurgeon should be able to offers some alternatives which should alleviate some of the pain.
Hang in there! Do not lose hope.

Thankyou so much.
I always live in hope. Without my 2 little ones k would really struggle.bthey keep me going and thankfully realised when an attack is happening to be calm and good for mommy.
I am very lucky