What makes some stronger then others?

Right at the moment it's not so much the pain.We all have to deal with so much. What makes a few like myself be just about ready to give up? I know my family is fed up!! You know what? They do not understand how fed up I am! It is in my body not there's, it is me they don't know what to do with.I am the one so afraid, that at this point they will put me in a pysch ward and do nothing about my pain which is more constant then not.I have to go in about a hour to pick up a few days of pain pills, I am going to ask to see my psychiatrist as an emergency app. He hasn't been back with me since Thursday. He was able to get me in a psych ward 3 hrs. from here, he was suspose to see how they were going to deal with my pain, THAT IS THE CENTER OF EVERYYTHING! So not to babble let me just get to the point, What choices do I have left? I will go beg the psychiatrist, but I AM SCARED TO TRUST ANYONE AT THIS POINT! I AM PREPARED TO TAKE MY LIFE RIGHT OR WRONG! NOW WHETHER I CAN GO THROUGH WITH IT OR NOT IS ANOTHER STORY! I JUST WANT HELP REALLY, TO DEAL WITH TN! I just do not see myself going through withdrawals the 4 th time, with all the pain and without help! HECK! PUT ME IN A COMA! (LOL) OH! The psych hospital is only for 5 days. PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS TODAY, OFFER ANY SUGGESTIONS I will be here another hour yet. SF Bill said to go public I called local news station, and newspaper have received nothing back from anyone. about a hour yet I am procrastinating. BAD!!! THANKS, DAWN SORRY SO DOWN! TRIED TO GO WITH IT OR NOT IS ANOTHER

Dawn, you seem to be all over the block emotionally, and I'm sure you are in severe pain. Since you have a regular relationship with a psychiatrist, I suggest that you ask him for help in getting appropriately treated for your pain. You also very likely need some emotional and counseling support to get yourself settled down: stress and anxiety are strong negatives for pain patients, and you're clearly dealing with a lot of that.

If you can't contact your psychiatrist, then print out the above and take it with you to a hospital emergency room. They HAVE to treat you under the law! And they should have a psychiatrist or pain management specialist on call. If you need to be self-admitted to a mental health center, then do that and try to get your emotions leveled out enough to see clearly what you need to do next. You must decide to trust SOME-body, Hon. There's no way forward if you put yourself in isolation and continue to get wound up with fearfulness.

Go in Peace and Power

Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

Resident Research Analyst, LWTN