What has helped me the most in over 20 years!

The cream GALLIXA, I KNOW IT SAVED MY LIFE!!! NO! I would of never thought just putting on this cream would give me a livable life again! Will it help everyone,I really don’t know,but no one med. or anything else helps everyone either. I just know and can tell unlike meds. it doesn’t stop working.I have been using it almost 10 months and I AM TRULY THRILLED!! Do I still have real bad days,YES! They are no longer HORRIBLE or TERRIBLE-TERRIBLE!!! I am very afraid of this coming winter,I can’t believe I am the only one,I HAVE HOPE THIS FALL,WHERE I DID NOT LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME! I was told I can’t give info.on the GALLIXA,if you just type in gallixa in the search bar it will show other post about it.Feel free to message me if you have any questions.I AM NOBODY,OTHER THEN SOMEONE WHO HAS SPENT YEARS WITH GREAT DOCTORS, AND HAVE BEEN THROUGH MORE THEN I WANT TO EVEN MENTION!!! I am down to just 2meds. for my tn1, tn2,tmj,gn,ect, phenobarbital,and lyrica. Since we here (becausei am painfree enough) are getting ready for OCT.7 LIGHTING UP TEAL,I have spoke with people all over the US that are using the GALLIXA and like it. One member here uses it for the muscles in her face,they tighten up when she has a tn attack,and it relaxes them, it helps in many different ways and for MANY things besides tn.PLEASE! CHECK IT OUT!! YOU NEVER KNOW! If I could help just one person, especially a child!! My story was embarrissing ( and I can’t spell, lol) but if it just helps someone it was worth it.The 1st. article was nov.10,2014 and the updated story was dec.8th, in the Battle Creek Enquire and News. AT THAT TIME I WAS DESPERATE AND FELT VERY MUCH ALONE WITH MY PAIN!!! I WAS BEYOND HOPELESS IF POSSIBLE!!! THAT IS A HORRIBLE FELLING ALONG WITH ALL THE PAIN!!! I had a daughter in- law that said what if I grow a tail from using GALLIA,we just laughed and a friend said she would just braid it! I said,"it had to have pink and teal beads in it!!! LOL!! I read all these posts that people don’t know what to do, they can’t take the pain.KIDS ARE SCREAMING AND PARENTS DON’T KNOW HOW TO HELP THEM! Gallixa has been the best thing for me in over 20 years with no side effects I have been using it since nov.27th and no tail yet!!! (LOL) Thanks to all that took the time to read this.Wishing all the best,Dawn