What does your TMJ pain feel like?

Just wondering what sort of pain people experience with TMJ.

I used to just get a dull ache, can't hold my jaw open for long (like the last time I was at the dentist for a chipped tooth I kept having to stop and close my jaw because of the agony), clicking jaw while eating sometimes etc.

Today I have almost TN-like pain ... really sore jaw joints if I touch them, ache by themselves but I have electric-shocks now and then by my jaw and also really badly when eating.

I'm wondering if its TMJ flaring up maybe from holding so still in the MRI scanner yesterday or if it's turning into bilateral TN (I have TN especially in my maxillary sinus on my left side but usually nothing on the right).

NdI just did an mri and yes it did flare my tmj up. But I’m glad I did because they also found sinusitus under my left eye which wasn’t known before. My doc treated me like a hypochondriac before this was found very frustrating.I also have tn all on my left side of course.I’m starting to wonder how all of this ties together. My doc doesn’t know very much about my condition and keeps pushing me to have a nerve block done which I am not comfortable with. I’ve been told that there is nothing else to be done and am going to just suffer for the rest of my life.I told him about the tmj also and he didn’t believe me about that either. I was and even still am treated like a drug seeker because of my pain.I can’t even get any breakthrough meds so I suffer 2 out of 4 weeks. Its so frustrating after 5 yrs of docs still not much help. My pain varies from time to time but mostley the whole left side of my head agonizing dull ache with like a straight line of sharp pain from my tn nerve to my eye and above the browe and middle head. I don’t know exactley which one or all together is causing anymore. I have been taking antibiotics for a month now and can almost breathe through my nose finally but how do I find out if it is gone completley. What I have read about sinusitus it isn’t something to take lightley

That sounds terrible :( That is really interesting that an MRI flared it up, I thought what the heck why is it like this now, worst it's ever been. Wonder what causes it in regards to the magnets etc!

You need a sympathetic doctor. I had sinusitis a few years ago, the doctor was reluctant to prescribe antibiotics despite me blowing my nose and having bright orange liquid coming out! (I did push him and jump up and down a bit and he prescribed some). If I hadn't been so emphatic he might not of and there are plenty of people who won't push for things so so many patients must miss out on essential medications. Seems there are a lot of doctors who don't really listen to their patients.

Right now like you I don't know what pain is what ... TMJ, TN, other stuff!

Jerry, did the doctor check your adenoids? I ask because I kept getting recurring sinus infections, and it turns out that I have huge adenoids and they are blocking my sinuses where they drain near your throat. I'm getting them removed eventually.

BTW, did the doctor give you steroids with your antibiotic? That really helps. Also, did he give you Augmentin as the antibiotic? That's the one that will really help sinus infections.

Hope you feel better soon, or at least can breathe!

No he didn’t check adnoids.he really hasent checked anything. I am now done with my antibiotics (levofloxacin) and now am getting more frequent attacks the last few days. He also prescribed presnidone but I refuse to take it. Too many risks on side effects w/ the antibiotics. We wouldn’t have even found anything if I didn’t request an mri. I feel I am doing his job other than scripts and getting treated like an addict the whole time as well. I don’t even know how I’m going to find out if this has gotten any better. Does your eye feel like its burning. Mine does a lot.hopefully I will get some answers soon. Good luck lady