What do I have?

My pain resulted in lower jaw surgery. The surgeon damaged my inferior alveolar nerve which has caused severe stinging in my bottom lip. Would that be atypical?

How was it damaged? was it from a block a third molar removal, or something else? Not sure about atypical. Nerve damage of the sort you are describing has an incidence of about 0.04 percent to 8.0 percent depending on the study. Permanent damage occurs (again depending on the study) 0.6 to 2.2 percent of the time. Usually permanent damage only occurs when there is dysesthesia (unpleasant sensation felt when touched) a constant pain as you describe usually resolves after time as the nerves regenerate. If the nerve was actually cut the MAX, it will regenerate is 1mm/day so it could be months if not several years. It could be slower.

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Those are the same stats that the trauma surgeon gave us when my son had one of his legs almost severed at the thigh.
He is walking without help.
Some sensation loss-but he manages.
Sp-there is hope.
I just wonder if someone went into my mouth and cut the nerve whether things would be better ?
I know the answer.

The great thing about those nerves is a good trauma surgeon can reconnect many of them as they are fairly large…

Actually-there was a whole team that worked on his leg - the microvascular
team .They thought they would need to take the leg off.Advocacy-and a great
trauma surgeon saved the day-and the leg.
I would just hope for magnifying devices to do the mouth nerves…

Mouth nerves are a bit tougher. It would actually take an election microscope to see them. A human hair is about 180 micro meters across. If I remember right, the inferior alveolar nerve has close to 7000 mylinated fibers, the very largest being 3 micro meters in diameter. Believe it or not between microscopes and robots there is some level of work that can be done… Not hard to see though how easily theses nerves can be damaged.

Lower jaw surgery. It’s inferior alevevor nerve. It got injured and the pain is in my mental nerve. Pain management called atypical trigeminal neuralgia

I do have dysthesia but it was almost 4 years ago but the hope that it could heal is there

He won’t do surgery. Since it’s been 3 years. My oral surgeon did not listen to me and waited to the point where surgery is out of the question

The surgeon said if the nerve was cut I’d be numb 3 months until the brain remember what it last felt which was pain. Ghost pains are harder to treat