Living With Facial Pain

What caused remission this time!


I had some unexpected surgery, in a body part not involving the head, for which I was fully anesthetized. I don’t know offhand the type or types of anesthesia given. I just want to say that as I have recovered from the surgery my V2 branch trigeminal nerve pain has diminished. I have been able to cut the Trileptal way back and take 150 mg once or twice a day or every other day. I can actually blow my nose and scratch my eye without going into a paroxysm of agony. It zaps a little when I try to bite food, but if I stop and use only the other side of my teeth and mouth I am OK.



I had that happen as well. It’s almost like being knocked out gave the nerve a “break” from reacting and let it reset, at least for awhile.



think it might be useful to know what anesthesia they used. I have learned that the info can be extracted if one insists.



Hi Show_Me,
I too have gone into a remission. At least from the terrible headpain that has haunted me for the last several years. I don’t know why,but I think that any abnormal trauma to the head or body plays a part in how you are affected by this crazy nerve, A while back I fell, getting ready for a short vacation,taking meds on an empty stomach, trying to hurry on wobbly legs. Took a nosedive in the kitchen on very hard tile. I landed on my knees and chin, and although things are back to normal (still having pain on the inside of my mouth) for a brief period of time after the fall it was like my body was in shock and the T-nerve didn’t know how to react and my facepain was completely gone. Go figure.
Glad to hear you all feeling better, even if just a little !



Very interesting experiences! Not something we can try at home… Anasthesia and knock on head… Hope you all feel better.

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I’ve been wondering about “giving the nerve a break” and if that is what happened. When we are under anesthesia we are totally relaxed and there is no stress or strain on the nerve in the path it travels through our flesh. Or maybe it is the drug itself. All I know right now is that when the nerve is triggered by biting food or an unexpected touch the pain comes as a complete surprise because I am so accustomed to it not being there right now.



Not the first time I have heard a similar account! A woman in a club I belong to has much sympathy for me because she took care of her mother for years in the days when there was nearly zero treatment for TN. She said that after decades of debilitating pain, one day her mother got stepped on by a mule, causing great trauma to the foot, and if I remember correctly, her mother’s foot was so damaged she lost the toes that the mule crushed. My friend said that her mother never had a bit of face pain after that.



I will ask what drugs the anesthetist used, that’s for sure. It will probably be a while longer before I can do that, but if they can send me the pathology report, which they did, I am sure they can send me an anesthesia report.



How big was the mule, how much do mules cost? If my head pain comes back worse than it was, like they say it does, I just might think about getting a couple mules,lol.
Hope you have a good day.