<<<<< We've redecorated! >>>>>

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I joined this group several years ago hopefully I can find my password OR have to start All over

No you won’t! You received the message about our redecoration in your email. All you have to do is this:

Go to https://www.livingwithfacialpain.org/

Click on LOG IN


Enter your email address into the “User Name” space:

Then click on the words “I forgot my password”


Do what it says (check your email) and you’re back with us! We’re so glad that you’re here again after several years away.


I have tried to register twice but keep getting a message that I am using the wrong email address. I would appreciate help with getting registered so that I can respond or ask questions. I was a member several years ago so I think when I have tried to establish a new password my email address is already in the system. Thank you!