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Weird teeth ache/chill feeling

Hi. Ok so I have written a ton on here. I have issues left side both top & bottom. I have had tons of xrays & scans & yes my sinus has a cyst & a polyp & inflammation so I am getting sinus surgery to clean it out next month. I also have a cracked tooth on the bottom that has been root canaled & apicio. There was no infection when they went in however I want to get the tooth pulled bc I have a sensitive lower left jaw & feel pain at times underneath the tooth. Sometimes I feel it deeper like tooth behind it or even where my wisdom tooth was. So after 3 years I wonder could that crack be deeper? So that will be next month too.

I had tooth 12 extracted 2 years ago. So far it looks fine. I was told & read online it takes a while for things to show up on the X-ray with issues & bone loss. I had awful pain about 10 days after procedure then the following month nose pain. Now I would complain & day something is wrong but dentists blame the sinus & sinus blame the teeth. This is why I am getting the sinus cleaned bc once it is clear then no one can blame my sinus. I was told by my ent on my recent sinus scan that the swelling I have in my sinus in the tissues & polyp/cyst could cause pressure & pain. When I bend over I get the fullness feeling. So I know I do have a sinus issue. It OVERLAPS with my possible nerve or dental issue. So I get passed back n forth. So maybe it’s sinus but I get such pain above near the extraction site on the side of my nose. Also inside left nostril bad. I have been so nervous something different not heal right with the extraction. A collegian plug was put in & it dissolves after 30 days. The gum tissue & area seem fine. It did have contact with the sinus suppositly. I want someone to open the site up… but that’s hard to get someone to do unless evidence on X-ray is present.
I get this weird chill in my teeth on top at times. Not sure if it is sinus. I feel pressure in the back 2 teeth which I feel is sinus but I also get it under my nose in the teeth. It’s a freaky kinda of chill. I never had sinus issues before so it’s new to me. I feel like that last extraction is causing something. I hate this so bad. I hate not knowing what gives. I hate saying it’s nerve until I have evidence. I have tried nerve medicine not high dosage low. So I know maybe I need higher. I feel like after sinus procedure, maybe getting someone to open the site then I can feel ok with nerve. What if it is something with the bone? It gives me high anxiety!!! I did have a cone beam scan recently of that area. Nothing showed. But again things take time if it is a localized issue. Am I crazy?? A big yes!!

Hey Lala,
“Am I crazy?? A big yes!!” I don’t think so.
If you are feeling pain, then that’s NOT crazy. They may not be able to locate a cause, but that doesn’t make you crazy neither. This comes from my own experience.
For many years I was reporting pain. The medicos couldn’t find anything “There’s nothing wrong…” Only there was. They sent me for all sorts of test and a bit like you got pushed from one dr to the next. Nothing. So, I was given the ‘Crazy’ label, but I knew something just was not right. So I ignored symptoms for years.

Fast forward a decade and a bit and things had gotten real bad, so I’m driving down the road and everything goes dark in the centre of my vision. The dr sends me for a scan and I get a 'Ohh, look what we found… …why didn’t you say something earlier…" I did say something MANY times but no one was listening. It was easier to say ‘crazy’ than investigate.

If you KNOW something just ain’t right, don’t let them just flog you off. Keep all of your own records because otherwise they can have you running around repeating the same tests and if you can’t get a clear answer, seek another opinion. These dr’s are human, none of them ‘Know-it-all’ no matter how much they profess otherwise and you deserve some sort of diagnosis.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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Thank you for the reply. I am sorry you had a rough ride. We know our bodies for sure.
I am just stressed stressed stressed because I am not trying to rip all of my teeth out & do these procedures however my sinus does have junk in it. Low level however my ent says if your sinus was clear then it’s easier to say it’s nerves. I have also heard people say they have sinus inflammation & that effects their TN or atypical pain & that could be my case. I was told tooth or sinus & the teeth scan the oral radiologist was suspicious of an area however my tooth is a live & they blame sinus. So I scheduled a sinus clean out of my left maxillary sinus bc the inflammation/polyp may be putting pressure on my nose & causing that discomfort. My left side of nose I get pressure & discomfort. And in imaging there is a polyp right there. Now I have been on antibiotics a ton! Not good either. However it doesn’t solve the issue. So I was told tooth or sinus so it’s like root canal a tooth or sinus. I have pulled 2 teeth already. Getting my lower cracked tooth pulled next week. That tooth is only because I can’t eat on it with hard or crunchy things so the crack is annoying & hurts. For 3 years so I hate to lose a tooth I really do. I get such deep pain under that area & anyway it would be. Bonus if it solved my jaw pain. But now I will have a lot of missing teeth on that side. But both teeth on top were issues so it wasn’t a waste it’s just the one recent tooth extraction caused more pain in that area so I stress it isn’t properly healed. So I come in here & repeat myself & apologize for that. I just feel lost right now.