Weird Pain

Hello Everyone,

I just was curious about a couple problems I have been having lately.

Here recently the weather has been very up and down. So I have had many days where I dont want to do anything, but lay in bed and cry cause of the pain. Well I also have been getting a lot of mirgraines and I am not sure if it is related to my pain or not.

I also have a very weird pain that I am not sure if it is my nerve or what is it. When im having an attack underneath my chin feels like there is a rock under my skin a lot of pressure and pain I have to press on it to relieve it.

Has anyone ever had any of this or am I going nuts?

Is interesting that you say that, oshea. I get something similar in or in front of my jaw when my atn is acting up. I liken it to a rock or a piece of bone in my jaw joint. It’s like a piercing or burning pain, but it’s in one spot, not generalized (although there is a lesser generalized pain around it). It makes me question my atn diagnosis, but I don’t have clicking or grinding sensations that might indicate tmj.

Thats actually exactly how it feels I suck at discriptions. I would ask your doctor about that. My TN was mistaken for TMJ for a short period. They are very simular in some ways.

That sounds like it is all interrelated but mine is more burning, stinging, pressure pain in the teeth upper & lower. Getting lots of rest helps me a lot then walks in the sun twice a day for 35-4O minutes each. Talking makes mine worse, so I stay off the fon & text more.

Am going to a very good Christian Chiripractor that is also do laser light therapy on my neck, ear area. This was my 2nd treatment and I see a slight improvement, however I am in gabrapentin every 6 hrs.

I am going through these symptoms too ATM! I know how u feel

I am very sorry you are going through the same thing, I would wish this pain on no one.

Elle13 said:

I am going through these symptoms too ATM! I know how u feel