Weight loss? Blood Pressure?

Hi. I’m having a little trouble navigating the “new” site since I’ve been away for a few years. Thought I’d post in this forum since I think it’s related. What do people have to say about losing weight and/or lowering their blood pressure? Any effect on pain? Any effect on being able to reduce meds? I know it’s not that easy, but any effects at all? Other than the obvious not being able to eat? I have clear instances of pain when I feel stressed. I can answer the phone and get a “zap” if it’s someone I don’t want to talk with. This always makes me think that because my blood pressure is rising, I’m tweaking that damn nerve. I guess some (many?) people might say I’m a great candidate for surgery, but I’d rather do everything possible to lower my BP first, if it would help. I’m already taking BP meds, but I could certainly improve my lifestyle as well. Thanks for any thoughts.

I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for results. I’m in very good health, very good physical condition, excellent diet, and still have this crap. My blood pressure is quite low, excellent. I try to avoid pain meds, not on any others, but I probably will be soon.

I also notice a strong correlation between stress and pain. I suspect it has more to do with adrenaline, cortisol, and other chemicals that your body produces when stressed. If I don’t sleep well it is also worse, a catch-22 at times.

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Since I have had TN I have lost 25 pounds and I have ringing in my ears also. I am taking a blood pressure med that has controlled the ringing. I had my bp taken at the doctors monday and it was 100/64 which is about 10 points below what it was before the bp meds. I have not had any change in pain because of the weight loss and bp meds. That doesnt mean others would have the same results. Everyone can react differently so you never know how it will affect you.

Since TN entered my life in 2004 I went from 220lbs to my current, maintained 143lbs. and I also have low bp (95/64). Neither of those items have had any positive effect on my tn. Stress, talking, chewing, teeth brushing, wind, cold are usual pain triggers.

You know what? Never thought of the hormones from stress and this TN pain. But my first shock in my face 5 years ago in May, was when my daughter told me they were moving (far away) as I was very involved in my grandkids lives. Boom! worst pain ever! Then of course I had it ever since. My job as a teacher cause horrible daily pain. I guess stress has to come out somewhere. I, too, am quite healthy. Good weight, low blood pressure, exercise regularly, etc. Anyway, best wishes to you for much less pain!!!

Stress can cause all kinds of havoc with us. i hope you can get many pain free daily soon