Week 9 of pain and counting

Hi Everyone, I can't tell you enough how glad I am to have found this forum to vent. I am in week 9 now of horrible pain and shocks. I have been taking NORTRIPTYLINE for 3 weeks now, and now the electric shocks are on both sides of my face. I have had TN for about 10 years now, and it has always been just on my left side. I also take Norco to help with the pain. I am just sick and extremely tired of it. This is the longest bout of this I have had yet. I guess I will give the NORTRIPTYLINE a couple more weeks and hope for the best. Any suggestions? Thank you. Debbie

hi deb,im on nortriptyline,have been since march,this is my 1st ever medication that 'did' work. The anti seizure pills were awful. For me the nortriptyline took 3 to 4 weeks for me to feel full benefits at 75mg per day.I take them in morning as i found they kept me awake when taken at night. I also use voltarol on my r/s face or dragon balm,which has the 'hot pepper' in it.Aside from that i use a wheat bag in microwave in the cold months (ps im only 8 months into my injury/neuralgia/face pain). I try not to tense my face as that makes me worse,i have become conscious of what my face does,so i dont aggrivate anything...............

Hi Barbara, Thank you for your comments. I will definitely stick with the NORTRIPTYLINE for now. Hopefully it will work. I agree about the other anti-seizure meds, they can be a nightmare, and turned me into a zombie. I have Voltaren Gel for my face as well. Debbie