Weather Bug

Just a quick question for everyone. I had an MVD in April of 2012 and I have been off of medication since Thanksgiving of 2012. However, this winter I have been experiencing a couple days of intense pain. My wife and I have been tracking this and the past three times I have had a day or two of bad pain is right before a storm (rain or snow) or a big change in temperature. The pain usually comes the day before the change in weather and then goes away as the storm/weather passes.

Has anyone else experience something like this?

Also has anyone seen and studies of weather related issues to TN or where is the best place to live with TN? I'm assuming a milder or warmer climate would be better than the Midwest.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

Hi Mark,
I too have noticed increased pain with weather pressure changes…but not every time…I haven’t seen any studies, but based on my interaction here at LwTN, we have members who live all over the world…
I live in Alberta,Canada thought I’d have no pain on holiday in Palm Springs California a few yrs ago…but I still did experience pain the same…who knows…I’m thinking maybe the Caribbean?! : ) lol
Hope your pain stays away!