Wearing a mask eliminates all pain

I have yet to share this with my neurologist as I suspect this is an absolute anomaly for those suffering with trigeminal pain but I have now tested this 100s of times and it works every single time. So the second I put on any type of mask (surgical, cloth, KN95) my trigeminal sensations / burning, itching, paresthesia all go away instantly. The second mask comes off they are back. Does anyone have any logical explanation for this???


Wow ! Tell us more.
Does it matter where you tie or place the straps ?
If you put a bandana on like a stage coach robber so that nothing touched your ears —does that help ?
Can someone hold a piece of cloth NEAR your face but not actually touch it /—so that air flow touching your face is stopped -did that help ?
Is there any mask that does not help ?
Please keep us updated
This is interesting

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All masks help and I wear all with straps behind my ears.


I wonder if you’re inadvertently hitting pressure point behind your ear. Several years ago, in addition to burning pain flare ups the majority of the time my face was varying degrees of numb on the TN2 side. I tried massage therapy and when she pressed behind my ear I could feel it on my chin – the pressure behind my ear sparked all the way along that nerve branch, and not in a bad way. In fact, it relieved the numbness. I wonder if you’re hitting a pressure point? Have you tried acupuncture or acupressure yet? It sounds like you might be a good candidate.

That was what I was wondering .
And why I asked about the Bandana - which would not impinge on the same pressure point area.
There is a pressure point ,near the thumb —that in some people —-will stop Headache pain . How wonderful to have that happen with Facial pain

Hi Anka, I’m so happy this works for you! I had been wearing a lower-face fleece mask with a hood for a couple of years before Covid hit and had been so self-conscious because people would stare at me suspiciously and act as if I were a terrorist. I got so tired of trying to explain our odd disease – I was keeping my left ear, nose and mouth covered, which helped my pain tremendously by keeping those areas warm, as I am afflicted on my left side only, but it encompasses the entire left side of my head and upper left teeth with constant pain. Even room temperature makes my pain worse. My poor husband is used to me setting our thermostat at 76 and higher. Covid actually made the mask-wearing aspect of my life much more bearable, as people now think that my mask wearing is perfectly normal.

I should mention that it does not make all of my pain go away, but I have had this affliction for more than 30 years and it has gotten progressively worse with time. The mask and hood do help tremendously, as does sleeping at night with two quilted pillowcases tented over my face and head. I am thrilled that you’ve found something that works-- and at a time when you don’t have to feel embarrassed about wearing a mask! Take care.

Hollywood Girl,
This COVID period we are all in has helped me! I typically cannot go outside when the temp in under 70 without suffering a long attack after coming inside to warmer air. Now since having to wear a mask, the temp of the air stays warm and I am pain free! I can finally walk outdoors during the chilly weather. God bless - we are in this together!

I have the same experience, it limits occurrence of pain. I also find that if I press on the side of my nose, on the pain side of my face, then I can manage to eat relatively pain free. I think it’s simply desensitizing the nerve before you give it something that it thinks is painful.

I am not pain free in a mask, but I have also found masks very helpful for going outside. I CAN’T however use ones with ear straps. I had to sew my own with straps that tie around my head horizontally and that don’t have seams or folds that press into my face.

I used to wear a lot of scarves out to keep the air on my face close to body temperature, which seems to help, and I believe the mask is doing the same thing.

Glad it is so effective for you. I wonder if experimenting with a rubber band pressed on the back of your ears does a similar thing. See if it is a pressure point, or if you need the mask as a face cover for the same effect.

I think the masks are either really helpful or really painful for TN people and I have been grateful that it has helped me.