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@wulala (aka jen) comes to us from sunny California. She was nominated for New User of the Month because she has been active here, both by replying and by liking what other people have said.

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Why not take a moment to say “hi” and make Jen feel welcome? You know what a lonely place having facial pain is: why not make your day as well as hers, with an act of kindness?

Hoping that your day is a good one!

Seenie from ModSupport

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Hello, everyone. Thank you, Seenie, for your kind introduction! Like many others here, my pain started after an dental procedure. It has been off and on for the most part. I have managed with medications. The last episode was over 9 months. I think partially because the pandemic. Many business, like massage place, were closed. I ended up getting a Botox shot, following with some medication for general headache. Now, I only feel a little pain occasionally when I touch my face.

I tested my Vitamin B12. It was low but with normal range. I am taking supplements, but I had not see a difference yet. I try to put my head up, so my shoulder won’t be tense, wear night guard every night. I visited PT once. He massaged my head, face and shoulder. He showed me some stenches to do at home. He said they offer some hot pad treatment to slow it down when TN flares up. I have scheduled another Botox injection with my doctor. This time, we plan to inject a little bit around my focal point where shock and spasm originate. The rest will go to my whole face like cosmetic injection. My goal is to keep the focal point inactive, take away some residue pain and also look good.

Doctor had suggested surgery in the past. I refused. My recent MRI does not suggest a surgery as well.

Hope everybody can find your solution. We will overcome it!


Hi & Welcome!

Hi and welcome lovely lady

Hi Jen!

I’m a longtime lurker and rare poster. Welcome to the neighborhood - you will find a kind, gentle and supportive environment here.


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