Wash hair after mvd?

Hi! How long do I have to wait to wash my hair after my mvd? Ill ask my Dr. I read 3 days 7 days and 30 days! Ewww!

I am having MVD on Tuesday and go in to hospital on Monday. One of the uppermost thoughts is that I need to wash my hair just before I go because I am concerned I wont get a chance for a few days.

Wash your hair before you go. I washed me hair the night before my MVD surgery. I did not get to wash it again for another ten days. I think it depends on your surgeon. I had to wait ten days. Others had to wait until they got their stitches out at 14 days.

Ya it does get pretty nasty - I just shaved my head.

Maybe you can go rasta style:)

You will have to wait until the day after having staples removed. I washed the opposite of my MVD but it wasn’t a very good washing. Good luck with your surgery.

I think it depends on the surgeon you have. My surgeon told me when I was released from the hospital I could wash my hair when I got ready, just know scrubbing. I did have my husband help me to put plastic over the area and protect it and about a week later, I really didn't scrub my head any, I just ran some shampoo lightly through it to make me feel better and kept the water pressure very low. Then I had my husband help me slowly dry it. Just thought I might add.


I’m going to investigate those dry shampoos!