Warning About Lyrica and Ambien!

Lyrica warns about side effects of depression, sadness, lethargy, tiredness, etc. I've had none of that with Lyrica alone. My doctor added (at my request) Ambien at night to help with my chronic insomnia. Not only did I easily get addicted to it (over the past 3 weeks), with Lyrica added to it, I have been sad, depressed, lethargic, moody, and generally feel AWFUL. So the two of them together have been a bad combination for me. So today I dumped the pills down the toilet (Ambien). I know its not the right way to get rid of them, but I just had to do it right away. Ambien gave me a wonderful nights sleep - and that's part of the problem!! I think I would rather be an insomniac than feel this bad the next day. I know tonight will be hell, but I'd rather go through that than feel this crummy.

That stinks, and I'm sorry you are going through that. I hope you start feeling better and are able to sleep tonight.

I also found that my migraine meds, fiorinal with codein, do not mix with Lyrica, I had a terrible migraine two days ago, I took both, separated by 4 hrs and slept 10 hours, but I have not been able to shake the woozy/sleepy feeling for days now. I usually do the oposite of a narcotic and end up all hyped up on it ( i have very strange reactions to meds) and usually clean my whole house, but this knocked me on my butt for 2 days now, Wendy

Thanks for the warning! Do you find the Lyrica works well for you? I have been taking it for about 2.5-3yrs. and it's good.