Want to try marijuana

I would like to try marijuana. Who has had success and what did you try. Thanks,

Hey Barbara,
I’ve trialled a few differing strains and forms (oil, tinctures and bud). As for what works, well, that can be very individual to the patient. Some people say a CBD oil works best for them. For me the oil, a digestible oil, takes time to work it’s way through the liver. What I need is something that works NOW, not in 2hrs time and flower (or bud) works well for me. Also for me CBD doesn’t give me the benefits, for me I find THC more beneficial. Most MC is given a ratio of 2 components CBD and THC but there are many more cannabinoids within the cannabis plant. Its the combination of these differing chemicals that give the overall effect or what is known as the ‘Entourage Effect’ or the combined effect of the many cannabinoids within a particular strain. This effect and how it affects you differs for everybody.

There are a few people who profess that it’s a cure-all for everything, but unfortunately this has not been the case for me. It has assisted me in reducing my intake of opiates, but I’ve not been able to eliminate them completely.
I find it helps me to divert my mind of the incessant pain. For me, it seems that the pain is front and centre of damn near every minute of the day. MC allows me to put the pain to one side, it’s still there it’s just less overwhelming, so I can concentrate on something other than pain. I hope that makes sense.

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Thank you very much. My pain is much worse in the evening when I am tired. Since cannabis is now legal in NJ I will try a few combinations. I am also trying acupuncture next week. I tired botox once - it didn’t work - but I am willing to try again. Thank you for answering.

I could not agree more with Merl!!! He did not over-hype anything, and everything he stated was factual. It really just depends on the type of cannabis and the individual.

For immediate pain relief, I use a Volcano Vaporizer (vaporizing with the cartridges is convenient, but you do not know how they processed the oil; with a table-top vaporizer I get instant reduction without consuming as much smoke) with flower. It doesn’t take away all my pain, but it helps lower my frequency of electric shocks and reduces likelihood of migraines.

I also make cannabutter, because for me the gummies, even when consumed with a fatty food, barely touched my pain. I can only use this at night, however, because it is harder to function cognitively.

Another point worth repeating, I use it IN BETWEEN opioid doses. It helps to make sure I am not taking my opioid early, which is a last resort. It hasn’t allowed me to get off my pills or anything miraculous like that, it is just one tool in the tool box.

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Thank you willimus798.

I also live in NJ and have had TN for about 10 years. I have used MJ in a vaporizer because I have COPD and the vaporizer does not affect my lungs. I use just enough to relax me but not get me high.
I also use CBD oil at night as a spray on my teeth if it bothers me while I am sleeping. Almost all my actions are used as something to relax me. As such I also use Valium as a relaxer. The ultimate is my injections or Botox every three months by my Neurologist. It really works until it wears of at the end of the 3 months. I hope I gave you some ideas of things you can try. Good Luck. Michal

Hey Barbara,

And I think this is the best approach, like any drug, trial it. If it works, fantastic. If it doesn’t, that’s another treatment to take off your list. I’ve been trialled on all sorts of meds from uppers to downers to stuff that just messes with the mind, along with Botox, acupuncture, Bowen therapy etc, etc but none were my ‘Key’. The very minute you reject a treatment option you are only disadvantaging yourself.

Another point about rejecting a treatment is that often the medicos will hold that against you ie ‘Patient not following medical advice’ or label you as a ‘non-compliant patient’. This is a label I’ve been given in the past and it can follow you everywhere ‘Ohh, but you have a history of …’ I also have a history of dealing with arrogant ‘know-it-all’ doctors, but they never seem to highlight this fact.

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It works for me. The best for me is the buds in an inhaler. Mine is called fenix. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Maris,
You say ‘Mine is called fenix’. Do you know if that’s a CBD product or a THC product? I had a quick look at the Fenix site and noticed many products are CBD/CBG dominant. Do you find a specific strain to be more beneficial or solely the CBD content?

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I tried marijuana for the first time. I inhaled a pre-rolled mixture of “high THC, low CBD" late in the evening. It did not stop the pain, BUT I was able to tolerate it. Somehow I was able to disassociate the pain from reacting to the pain. Another benefit is that I slept better than I had for months. I will try edibles in the evening before the pain begins.

Thank you for keeping in touch.



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Ours is higher CBD. Do you know how to use the FENIX? It’s so well designed.

No, I must admit I haven’t heard of Fenix before. I’m in Australia and although medical cannabis is permitted, it’s only permitted under strict (and costly) conditions. The actual government permissions/authority alone cost around $800 and that’s without any medication or devices. In saying that, I do have a vape but personally, I get more benefit using a pipe. For me, the vape is nice for something a bit different, but my ‘go to’ is usually the pipe.

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I got my medical marijuana card and tried it. Smoking or edibles didn’t do anything for me; I didn’t even experience a high. In fact, sativa use was very unpleasant and I won’t do it again. I know some people who swear by smoking it, that it relieves their tension and pain. It does nothing for me. I think that other medications that I must take just block the effect. Besides, I’d never go to it during an attack; I need something that works THEN.

I have. Although I have to smoke it. None of the oils or gummies worked for me. It dulls my pain enough so I can get things done. I don’t take pills anymore due to the side effects and addiction. Cannabis is not physically addicting.

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Yes, he is absolutely correct

It’s the only thing I use. Nothing else worked for me. And at one point in my life I had to go to rehab because of the pain pills. I use indica cannabis. There are a lot of different strains and you just have to find the one that helps you. The pain never goes away but it dulls it enough so I can function.

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