Waiting on date for MVD slight detour


On August 23 I will be given my surgery date for MVD. I am trying to cope till then the best way I can. I seriously do not know how so many people go so long with this pain. Everyday it gets worse, and last week was bad. I was rushed by ambulance to hospital as now my heart decided it was going to give me a hard time. I have been under so much stress between having jaw replacement and personal issues and TN. I went to my Physical Therapy on Monday, layed down and had horrible chest pain, I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. It would not stop so they called paramedics. My heart rate was 250 (resting) I was given 2 doses of adenison and another medication before they would transport me. Unfortunately it did not work it took 3 hours and horrible medications to fix it. Long story short, in order for me to have MVD I have to have heart ablation to fix A Fib/SVT. So Wednesday I will have heart surgery so I can schedule my brain surgery on Friday, I sound so broken.

I had a couple of questions for those that had MVD. Mostly the girls point of view, did you cut all your hair before surgery? Did anyone have issues with eyes or hearing? before or after?


trying to prepare


Hi cbec,
I’m so sorry to hear of your heart troubles on top of everything else…I guess focus on heart first, the rest will follow, and everything else (stress) will wait. I’m sorry your tn pain is worsening, mine did too prior to MVD…from sept.2012 until my MVD in April 2013 the pain levels were through the roof, meds didn’t touch it…microwaveable heating pads and a lidocaine mixed cream helped take the edge off occasionally.

I’m happy to say the MVD worked for me, so far no pain. I wish you the very same. Believe it’s possible!

They will shave a small portion of your hair off, it’s a small spot behind your ear. Your hair will cover it if you have some length. Go to my page under my pictures to see a photo of my incision to get a better idea.
I didn’t have any problem with my eyes.
I did get ear fullness after a few days that lasted about 3 weeks, was very annoying as it impaired my hearing, but it goes away and is quite normal. It feels like you have water in your ear.
All the best of wishes for your upcoming heart procedure. Your stronger than you think, not broken…Positive thoughts and prayers,
(( hugs )) Mimi

No eyes or ears before or after… They should test your ears while you are under.

My hair is a slowwww grow no matter what…I have at shoulder… But the hair they took, really couldn’t see it…unless I pulled my hair pony high and tight. Even if you have a bob to your chin…

should not have a wide and long strip empty

I’ve seen lots some bigger spots than my surgeon… I guess who depends on shaving… When I got that part to grow 3 inches behind my ear…I almost celebrated by coloring it pink! Or getting one of those hair clip on strand in purple!