Waiting for it

Hi friends! I have’t been here for a while.
My Dad has had many major healrh issues. I am his primary caregiver.
So I have been blessed to have pain pretty much under control with the exception of one MAJOR crisis that lasted eleven hours. There has been some ‘zings’ and swelling, but they all produced nothing.
I just felt like sharing what I have going on now.
In the areas of my molars, both sides, top and bottom, my gums feel as though they have been sand blasted.
My jaws are both killing me from my lower ear area down to my neck and around the front of my neck wrapped
around the base of my skull. I also have about six areas of swelling in my gums around the bottom.
As you all have dealt with similar things, Im sure, I am at that paranoid/anxious stage, just waiting for the crisis to come.
All I can think is, I dont have time for this today! Why not tomorrow?
Do you guys think I have a crisis coming? If so, any suggestions on how to stop it?

I don't think anybody -- including patients themselves -- can predict most pain crises in advance. However, I do know that swelling of your gums is a reason to be seen and evaluated by an Ear Nose and Throat specialist, because that symptom can be associated with issues other then trigeminal neuralgia or neuropathy.

The distribution of your other pain sounds like involvement of trigeminal, glossopharyngeal and occipital nerves. And you can have an infection of some sort on top of that. Go see an ENT guy, please.

Regards, Red