Vivell Dot - Hormone therapy to help with TN pain?

Good Morning All,

A friend of mine with TN recently shared with me that she had befriended another lady, on a forum similar to this,that had started wearing an estrogen patch to help with her pain. Her husband, who is a doctor, had her to keep a journal of her pain…and upon the realization that it was triggered around her cycle he encouraged her to try these patches. Her pain has ceased since then. Granted, without the tricyclic anti-depressant my pain would be almost constant, but I have found that the lightning “shock” type pain happens more around that time. I started on this patch last week. It is to be used only during the week before and during…and I could swear that my pain has lessened. It is still there “humming” slightly in the background…but not as extreme. I would love to hear any thoughts on this or any one else’s experience with it. My neurologist discounted the idea and said that prescribing that type of med was out of their range, so I had my gynocologist prescribe it for me and am doing my own little “test.” It seems that my neurologist has give up on figuring out what has caused my pain…and is only interested in trying out different meds. Given the “nature of the beast” I suppose I can understand that…but it’s still a little discouraging. I hope this message find you all having a good day out there. hugs

I feel like maybe I should explain what my gynocologist explained to me. We could not run any sort of test to find out what my estrogen levels are, since those levels can vary greatly from day to day. However, at the time that your cycle begins levels DO drop siginificantly. (thus the need to start the patch a week in advance) This sudden, extreme drop in estrogen levels has been known to cause increase in migrains. I have read about studies that also support the idea that estrogen does prevent pain.

I am curious to hear an update on this "test" of yours. I have had TN since 2007 (diagnosed at 27 yrs old) and I had a remission when I was pregnant with both my daughters and during the first year of their life (while I was breast feeding). I also feel that my TN is related to my hormones and have been thinking of asking my OB/GYN to prescribe a birth control pill that mimics whatever my hormones due after pregnancy (since this was a true honeymoon from TN pain). Are you still on the estrogen patch? I appreciate all your input - hope your pain is gone!