Vitamin D Study

Although the study was for diabetic nerve pain, I would think much of this info would relate to other nerve pain as well:

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Thanks. Somewhere or other I also read some ideas about low vitamin d being the culprit. I tried a high vitamin d level in my body for over a year. It didn’t help my TN type 2. That’s not to say that others might also not be helped.

Thanks for the article. I’m already taking prescription strength vitamin D along with extra vitamin D in accordance with my doctors prescribed wishes. I am finally at the very low end of normal, someplace I haven’t been for years. According to my doctor the oxcarbazipine strips vitamin D from my body as well as a funky operation done in 2005 that took part of my pancreas, all my gallbladder and half of my stomach. I was then re-plumed via part of my small intestine. I’ve not noticed a change in my pain level over the last two months but perhaps it will come with time.