Vit. B12

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your notes, really great to get them.
I’ve been experiencing a really itchy rash from Carbomazapine so I got aggressive with Vit. B12 which seemed to help in the past. After taking around 12,000 ml a day my pain cleared up within 2 weeks. I am down to 400 ml a day, instead of 1200 ml Carb. the rash is not completely disappearing but is improving. Just wanted to encourage others to take lots of B12.

Yes, i do feel energetic! No side effects. Just thought I’d take a lot, 'cause more is better. No, didn’t mention to my dr. cause I thought vit. were harmless in any amount because they just get passed through the system. I’m just experimenting to see what works. It def. helped move me towards remission after a full 13 months of severe shocks.

Well, i guess it’s true, everyone resp0nds differently to different things. The carbomazapine is just such a drag for me and it’s the only med that works, I’m so happy v12 works, although I will certainly cut back on it.