Viruses the cause of TN 2 ?How many of us had Mono

I have been told by surgeon that TN 2 can be correlated with a virus.
Has anyone been told this ?

I was told this. I have type 2 but I also occasionally have type 1 symptoms too.

I was told mine was probably caused by a virus after MRI showed nothing. I was very sick the summer before I felt pain in my lip and jaw. Pain began in Feb. and I was diagnosed in July 2015. Not sure if related but my tonsil grew back when I was sick, same side as TN. When I started acupuncture in Dec. Accpunctrist had me get Shingles shot. She said Shingles virus causes TN because it is in our systems if we had chicken pox.

Yes I too was told my ATN was caused by a virus Tracy and thought" ahh I now have the answer" and I took all this horrible stuff at various times and still I had ATN pain.Oh well worth a try! Red may give you an answer.