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Viral infection in the nervous system cause of Trigeminal Neuralgia and MS?


I’ve been taking B12 as well as D3 – based on information from this community, actually – not sure if that’s what’s helping or if I’ve slipped back onto remission but I’ve had a very good, largely pain-free run of at least six months.

This is not to say all the symptoms are gone, they aren’t. In fact, as I write this the side of my nose is tingling and has been for three days (I’m about to lose my mind!) but I’m not having blinding pain.


That is terrific to hear, Azurelle. I’m curious as to how much of each you are taking, and in what form. Unfortunately I can’t take supplements of either of these as they give me insomnia, but I’m currently taking desiccated beef liver capsules and it seems to be helping somewhat.


Ziggy, I’m taking OTC suppplements, one is a gel cap form and the other is a tablet. I’m currently taking double the suggested daily dose. I also take a prenatal vitamin every day so I’m getting a bit more then double the suggested dose.

I haven’t noticed any negative side effects. Well, at least not really. I have been having trouble with my sleep pattern again but that’s nothing new for me and I’m not able to connect it with the supplements.


Thank you so much for your “recipe” George! I’m going to give it a try!
I was only able to find capsules at 15%Oleuropein, 500mg. What dosage do you think I should take? I was thinking 2 or 3 caps twice a day?


I took 1/2 tsp of 25% oleuropein olive leaf 2X day. That’s 1000mg of the product, which should work out to 250mg of oleuropein. You’re getting about 75mg oleuropein per capsule, so same dosage should work out to 3.3 capsules. Probably on target at 2-3 capsules 2X per day. Make sure it’s a reliable company producing it, as some supplement brands don’t contain what they say. Also, please be sure to add the rest of the formula to your regimen. If you decide to follow the complete formula carefully, please post your results here after four weeks, good or bad, as collaboration is the only way we’re going to figure this thing out. I’m still 100% shock free.


Thank you so much for your response! I will definitely do the whole regime. I will also post results when I am done good or bad. I am so thrilled for your success. Hoping it works for me too😊


Hello George, I will be starting week 1 regimen. Did you take the Olive Leaf on empty stomach or with a meal? And to start the day did you take a dose of everything or did you try to pair or space out any of the components (Olive Leaf, Silver, Iodine, Lysine)?


Hi Lucy,

I typically took it with a meal, and I would spread it out over three times…


George, concerning the iodine, are you taking 2 full vertical drops or just 2 drops (3x day)? Thanks, Sean


2 drops, three times per day. You don’t want to take too much iodine.


Hi, I just came across this article that talks about a herpes infection of the tn nerve, and treating it with acyclovir. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/317348438_HERPES_ZOSTER_OF_TRIGEMINAL_NERVE_AFTER_DENTAL_EXTRACTION_A_CASE_REPORT

Thought you may be interested.


Hello mumto4,

Been there, done that, didn’t work… :wink:
I have TN1, 8 years. At some point in the beginning they (doctors) found out I had an active HSV-1 infection. Nothing helped to get the active HSV to settle down. Even Acyclovir (or valecyclovir). It was very strange they told me.