Viral infection in the nervous system cause of Trigeminal Neuralgia and MS?

My understanding is that iodine causes the thyroid gland produce hormones that affect a ton of other organs, everything from your brain to your stomach, some in ways that are not yet understood by science. You’re likely breaking out with HSV due to the change in hormone balance, similar to a teenager. It’s probably irrelevant to fighting the viral infection in your nervous system.
Hormones are unique in that they are able to cross the blood-brain barrier. Antibiotics and other medicines such as silver or olive leaf can’t cross that, leaving them unable to fight an infection in the nervous system alone. My experience has made me believe that when you combine hormone stimulant such as iodine or lysine with a virus killer such as olive leaf or silver, it seems to translate the killing power over to the nervous system.

I’m curious if you ever had a trauma that would have allowed the blood/brain barrier to be crossed into a major nerve that would have allowed the HSV infection from the blood into the nervous system? Things like a root canal or other invasive dental procedure, spinal tap, etc?

Hope you’re feeling better today!

Has anyone else tried this method? I’m very curious about this theory and am tempted to try it myself.

If you have or know additional information to comfort me in knowing its safe please share! It’s scary to try things sometimes when you don’t know if it will make symptoms worse…

One question I do have is…is it safe to consume sliver if you have metals in your mouth from dental procedures? (pretty sure my horrific story all stems from a root canal)

Long story short, I have TN2, Gloss Pharyngeal Neuralgia, and Occipital Neuralgia. It is chronic all day everyday pain for the last year and a half. This has ruined relationships, jobs, and my life. To honest most days I want to die. I just turned 27.

If anyone knows information on healing naturally or disorders caused by root canals please let me know.

One more thing…I’m thinking of you all, this is a very difficult thing to deal with and most loved ones will never understand, thats why we have to all support one another. We can all get through it <3

I have not tried this method,yet.Am having some thyroid tests done first.
I have taken colloidal silver and not had a problem.My toothpaste has it in it.
Can you try some topical things?
I find peppermint essential oil to be a big help.
Wishing you a nice day

Hi George,
Thank you so much for your sharing! After I read your writing I immidiately drove to a pharmacy to buy olive leaf extract and lysine and then took them. The next morning I woke up and brushed my teeth. The pain was even worse. I was frustrated and felt almost hopeless. However, the rest of that day I felt much much relieved from that horrible pain. I doubled the instruction amount of that two supplement and now it is already four days and the pain has almost completely gone! I am so thankful for you George! You are my God. You save my life! Thank you so much for you and your wife’s research and sharing! I believe olive leaf and lysine can cure the virus TN!

Best wishes to you and your family!


I’m very interested as a TN 1 sufferer. I would adopt any practice that offers a possibility of ending or reducing the shocks. Thanks for posting

Hi Ting,
So glad it worked for you…I remain 100% pain free, no drugs, no surgery, and so very thankful! Keep heart! Take delight in every pain free moment!

Thankyou for posting george1. I would be very interested in more info on the doses you took of each.
This resonates with me.
Thank you. Regards WW

Hello George,

I am very pleased for you to read you are still doing oke!

I am sorry to be this late to answer your replie. I am not doing so well, since august last year I was forced to increase my medication a couple of times due to breakthrough pains.
Yet I want to thank you for your replies, they’ve helped me a lot.

If I read your last post to me, do I understand correctly that you’re saying that you think most likely there is no virus involved in my case? (“It’s probably irrelevant to fighting the viral infection in your nervous system.”)

And to answer your question:
I did have a rootcanal done about 38 years ago.
A major jaw-operation about 27 years ago.
A have Lyme’s (Lyme test is done a few years ago and came back positive).
Chickenpox at my 40’s.
I have a B12 deficiency, can’t absorb it so I take shots weekly, no help with TN.
A have earproblems for over more than 35 years, nothing seems to help.
I am in menopause, 52 years old.

Greets and wishing you no pain forever,

Hi Ellis,
So sorry to hear it’s bothering you more recently. Makes sense that you had the root canal and jaw surgery. Both would have been opportunities for the blood/brain barrier to be crossed, and a viral infection to enter the nervous system. I believe it would be worth a try to follow the protocol that I tried to get rid of the virus.

Hi warrior woman…dosages that I used are earlier in the post thread…
Here’s a link…

Thanks so much george1. I will get started on these. WW

And george1 was active in the discussion

As were others.

Letter in the Daily Mail Sunday with regards to TN, Dr replying whilst recognising upper cervical spine gave dermatomes to head/ face displayed no knowledge of the fact the cervical trigeminal nucleus resides there, like so many including neuros and specialists, stating the common cause, although unproven to be vascular compression.

Hi George,

Thank you for your email. I am still having a small question. As I felt fine, I stopped taking olive leaf. However, after two days that pain came back again, so I have to continue the dose. My question is if you are already 100% pain-free, do you still keep taking olive leaf and lysine everyday?

Sorry to bother you. I am living in Brisbane, Australia. If you and your wife visit this city in the future please let me know. I will treat you a meal to express my sincere appreciation.

Best regards


Hello George,

I want to start the regiment. But I found out by coincedence that iodine give me big problems. As I wrote earlier, even one pill (200 mcg!) a day got me TN and severe vertigo right away. This while I was in remission for quit some time.
So that’s a problem…


Hi Ting,
I’m off of Olive Leaf completely, however, I took it for three months straight, and that’s what I recommend. You have to take it long enough to kill/suppress the virus. If it comes back, give it another three month round. Give it some time…the pain can take some time to completely subside. Also, look at the rest of the formula to rebuild the nerves…they’re important also. Two other things I’ve found very helpful. Upper Cervical chiropractic definitely relieves some of the pressure…highly recommend. Also, try to reduce any stress you have…that was a big trigger for me. Consider also reading the book, “The Mind Body Connection” by Dr John Sarno. I don’t agree with everything in there, but there certainly are some interesting concepts of how stress relates to this pain that I found to be true.
Keep heart! There is hope, you can live pain free, although I know it doesn’t feel that way in the middle of it!
Praying for a pain free day for you!

I think the Lysine may do a similar function to the iodine, so possibly you could eliminate the iodine from the regimen without destroying it. We’re all working together to figure out what works, so nothing wrong with trying different stuff. The concepts I believe we need to work for are

  1. Intense immune system support. Olive Leaf, Silver, Garlic, Raw Honey, Maple Syrup are all natural substances that do this.
  2. Some method of getting this immune support to cross into the nervous system to kill the viral infection in the nervous system that I believe causes TN. That’s the point of the hormonal element of Lysine or Iodine.

I’m sure there’s other elements that could do both of the above, so nothing wrong with experimenting and posting your results. Recently I came across some medical world research that came out about how combining an extract from maple syrup with an antibiotic exponentially increased the potency of an existing antibiotic. So I mixed up crushed garlic, silver, & maple syrup in coconut oil. It’s actually fairly tolerable to eat, and the results I’ve seen are remarkable as an antibiotic & immune booster.

Might be worth a try as well as an olive leaf replacement.


Hi George,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. I will read your email carefully and follow your suggestions.

Best regards


Thanks for this topic and for sharing your alternative approach to this horrible pain. I am interested in hearing more about your dosing.

I believe the nerve damage is caused by a bacteria so we’re basically on the same page. I have Lyme disease and that particular bacteria are capable of crossing the blood brain barrier. I also had a deep extraction in my sinus area on the side effected. I had been having mild TN pain for many years that I relieved by simply wearing lip balm on my trigger point area. The silky kind so my lips wouldn’t stick and trigger it. Then, in 2004, I began to get debilitating blasts of electrical shock that would throw me backwards in agony. Over the past few years I’ve been on Baclophen, Carbamazapine and Gabapentin. I’m currently having a nerve ablation done (as needed) about every 6 to 8 months. This is far from perfect but has allowed me to get off the Baclophen and Carbamazapine. Still on Gabapentin. 300mg 4X day.

I also make my own Cayenne Salve and St John’s Wort Oil that really help topically. I find that if I tighten the muscles in my face when I apply topicals it triggers less with touch.

So, I have a great interest in ways we can use natural means to move from survival to thriving.

I have been experimenting with herbs and following Buhner’s protocol with some success for the bacteria issue but am searching for a way to bump up healing of the mylean layers of the damaged nerves.


I’ve had TN type I for a great many years (I’m about 80). I was successfully controlling it with Tegretol but I hated the side effects. I managed to get off it by taking high doses of Vitamin B12. (But I still carry a vial of Tegretol at all times.)

I use one or two 5000 mcg sublingual tablets daily. I buy it at Sams Club, about $19 / bottle for 300 tablets - similar products are available at other places like CVS, Target, Walmart etc.

This is really an interesting thread. I don’t know what the causes are in my case, but I thought I would mention what works for me (so far :).