Vestibular disorder post-MVD surgery

Today I added my TN history to my profile. I wanted to blog about my vestibular problems here as well, so I’m copying that section from my profile to here. I wanted to know if anyone else out there has had anything like this happen or even heard of it?

During the MVD, Dr. Elliott discovered that I had 5 different arteries and a mass of smaller blood vessels all surrounding and touching the trigeminal nerve. It took him 3 hours longer than the normal TN surgery. (Later during my research for my appeal to y disability insurance, I discovered that many many people with this type of problem in their blood vessels and TN nerve have atypical TN. ) Dr. E. ended up cauterizing 2 arteries and a other 2 arteries and leaving one seaprate. He left the mass of blood vessels alone.

Immediately after the MVD, i had a terrible balancce problem. After some awful awful tests at the ENT doc, and a visit to a Vestibular Therapist, I was diagnosed with a permanent vestibular disorder. No one (Neurosurgeon, ENT or Vest. PT) would admit to the original surgeon making a mistake and possibly causing hte Vestibular disorder.

Of course it was blamed on a virus and a coupleo other things, but Dr. Wolff, and Dr. Prall both think that it was caused by the original MVD surgery. Possibly a trauma kind of thing to the nerve. Dr. Wolff originally thought that possibly cauterizing the blood vessels stopped the blood flow to the my inner ear affecting my balance. I still have the vestibular disorder, which is exacerbated by all the meds I’m taking that make me dizzy!

I walk with a cane now (an awesome cane made my a friend’s father), that provides the additional stability. i would continue with vestibular physical therapy if I were not on my meds any longer. I do not see a point in paying for PT when I’m on meds constantly that just all make me dizzy anywey. :frowning:

I’ll write more about my tests i took at the ENT to discover all this. It was horrible.