Very depressed and low

please can some one give me some advice ive got infection in my tooth for the last 3 weeks dentist keeps giving me antibotcics i had to go to a and e yesterday because of my tn it has come back very sevear iam in bits got n engery in so musg pain i just cant cope any more the hosptail gave me some tablets to take iam so depressed dont no what iam going to do please i need some help and advice to try and lift me out of this very sad and blac pain that iam in so i can try enjoy my few weeks hoilday with my grankids jonarthon and williams thank you xx

I’m sorry that you’re in much pain. I wish I had some advice for you. Just want to say that I’m thinking about you and hoping someone will respond to you.

Maybe you can get back with your doctor on Monday morning, and see if he can give you something to take along with your current regimen.... or maybe switch things up for you. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hang in there.

Hi! Try some Boiron Sinusalia-you can get it almost anywhere-health food stores and some drug stores.It's allergy season and that can really increase the TN pain for me,so I use this and Swanson nerve pain, and Swanson Migraine Relief which contains Coffea Cruda which helps with toothaches.These are all Homeopathic and have helped me a lot! I hope you get relief soon! I have had ATN X23 yrs and know how horrible it can be! I wish you the best!!


OK, this is not the original, but type in the upper left corner discussion box search, "TNA tips for keeping dental work as painless as possible". Kerry found it and typed it in for all. Hope this helps.

If you are depressed, can you get a counselor, and get help?