Vertigo and nausea after MVD... how long did yours last?

I’m almost two weeks out from MVD / internal neurolysis - surgery was on April 3. The pain has been very manageable and I’m less tired than expected, but the vertigo / nausea is killing me. It is getting better, but very, very slowly. Until a couple days ago, I couldn’t watch TV/movies because the motion on the screen would make me sick; now I can watch maybe an hour as long as the camera angles don’t change a lot.

I’m on three meds to deal with it - zofran, meclizine, and a scopolamine patch. So I’m not puking, and I can walk without tipping over. I’m not surprised that I’m having a rough time - I’ve always been more susceptible to motion sickness than most people. But it is so hard to imagine feeling normal again. I have a post-op appointment tomorrow, the nurse has said they might give me steroids to help with the vertigo, but they put me on them while I was still in the hospital and it made me so restless that I was ready to climb the walls.

For the brain surgery veterans out there - please tell me that it will get better!

I haven’t had the surgery but maybe I can help a little? Perhaps no one has answered for so many days because they are doing so well they forget to check back in here? That’s a good thought at least I think? lol

One thing I do for nausea is to place an ice pack at the lower tip of my sternum or ‘breast bone’. It slows the rolling. A friend of mine tried it when she was going through morning sickness and I started worrying that she was going to give herself frost bite! If it will work in your case, the relief is immediate. Good luck!

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Mine lasted almost 2 months. I also had double vision which scared me the most and that lasted about 6 months.

Good luck and don’t panic yet.

I had MVD surgery in 2004 with double vision, vertigo and nausea side effects.
They all got better. As you know, vertigo resolves immediately by closing your eyes.

Hi all
I had MVD in 2012. I did not experience vertigo but I was very nauseous for about 3 weeks after. Unfortunately my pain returned in 2018 and I had the gamna knife procedure and so far it was successful in eliminating my pain :100:. I wish you all pain free days

Thank you for this advice. I an going to try this!

Hi BevOregon
It will get better over time. I had vertigo twice after the MVD. Both bouts were pretty severe. They put me on prednisone for 10 days. I went to a vestibular physical therapist and after 2 sessions, it was almost gone. The second stint was shorter because of my wonderful therapist. When I got it again about a month ago, my partner and I looked up how to do the vestibular exercises at home. With my partner’s help and then on my own, it got better in less than a day. When I saw my PT, she told me that it was gone. I get a tiny bit of vertigo when I look up. She gave me exercises to do which have helped. Stay hopeful. I’m sure there are vestibular physical therapists in Oregon. I hope that helps!