Vein vs. Arterial Compression

My 1st MVD has been scheduled for 27th Feb. My neurosurgeon tells me there is a compression visible on my MRI. He says it is a vein as opposed to an artery and that the success rate is therefore lower. Can anyone give me more info success rates, etc when the compression is because of a vein instead of an artery? Thank you!

My neurosurgeon told me prior to my MVD that in his experience the success rate dropped to 70% when the compression was by a vein he had perform over 650 MVD operations. My compression was caused by a vein . I am not pain free but taking about 1/2 of the dose of med, the pain is managable

That is also what my Neuro said.

My Surgery is scheduled for February 10th I am curious of the answer to this also. Good Luck Kimmington on your MVD I hope all goes well for you and it stops your pain or at least makes it less