Vaping and smoking

I just had a question. Does anyone know if vaping or smoking influences trigeminal pain? My pain has been very bad within the last 3 months. I vape daily and I’m wondering if it contributes to my pain.

Hey Rav,
I’d be saying this could well be a very individual thing. For some people the ‘triggers’ for their pain can be smells and odours. I’d suggest that smoking and vaping, depending on what flavours (or the contents of those flavours) could well be considered a ‘trigger’. Ask your dr.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

I know smoking constructs blood vessels don’t know if that would have a bearing on TN.

My position on this is if an occasional smoke helps you to relax, go ahead and do it. Don’t smoke because of habit.

Yeah, I’ve tried vaping. It left immediate relief, but shortly thereafter I would get electric shocks. I chalk it up to the constriction of blood vessels, especially if your TN is caused by a compressed blood vessel.

So I too have a love/hate relationship with my vape pen. When I vape cannabis, I do get a longer lasting relief than with nicotine. I’ll still get some shocks, so I try and stay hydrated, since both leave me with a dry mouth.

All in all, I don’t think it is a good idea, and I’m trying to just eat more cannabis instead. Then there isn’t the damage to the lungs, mouth, and tongue, because vaping effects all of that.

From what I have read, it can make TN worse due to the body’s reaction and dilation of blood vessels. Being an ex smoker myself I have found personally staying off vaping/smoking and alcohol have been extremely helpful.

Does canibous. Work for you? I have learned that I qualify for a medical marijuana card and am seriously considering it. I am currently taking gabapentin. 1200 + mgs. A day. And still have pain.

Hey Amanda,
I too was prescribed gabapentin, but the side effects for me far outweighed the benefits. I would strongly recommend you speaking to your prescribing dr regarding cannabis and gabapentin. They can both affect the mind and their combined use could affect the effect. Due to the fear campaign around opiates these newer meds have become used more often. For some they have been the wonder drug they’ve been searching for but I am not one of them.

As for the cannabis, just like any other medication it really can be a case of ‘trail and error’. For some people the common ‘paranoia’ cannabis can induce can be a little too overwhelming. Some people can get a deep relaxation from cannabis and that maybe the key to their pain, relaxation. Also, there are many differing strains and forms of cannabis, each with differing levels of cannabinoids with differing effects. So a ‘Trial and error’ scenario is a must to find what best meets your needs.

It certainly is not a ‘One size, fits all’ management tool. For some it may be of benefit, but for others, it may not.

Merl from the Modsupport Team