Vagoglossopharyngeal neuralgia

Hello. I was newly diagnosed with vgpn with tn overlap Just wondering what others symptoms are and what has helped them. I get these crazy palpitations and very lightheade at times when the pain is bad. Since starting trileptal the symptoms have improved but not gone completely. Including the palpitations I’m very sleepy and mentally “dull” with 300 mg twice daily. I can’t imagine increasing this medication Any suggestions? Has anyone had the MVD procedure? Ps I think this all started with a tonsillectomy when I was 18 yrs old. The pain was quick and never lingered so I just dealt with it. Fast forward to age 40 and it really started progressing. Last 5 years almost constant residual pain after the flares and last year the palpitations started

Talk with your primary care doctor or a neurosurgeon about the possibility of a vascular compression of the Vagus nerve. The palpitations can be a symptom of that condition. MVD is sometimes used to relieve such compression(s). I normally wouldn't think a tonsillectomy could cause such pain at such a delay.

Regards, Red

Thanks Red. This is quite fustrating. I can’t 'believe after 10 years and multiple Drs I finally have a reason for this awful pain!! I’m going to see a surgeon at the university of penn. the side effects of this medication are a lot to take. I want this done. It’s been long enough!!