Vagoglossopharyngeal neuralgia

Hi I’m newly diagnosed vgpn with tn overlap symptoms I was just wandering if anyone else out there has the same issue and what the symptoms are. I have these crazy palpitations that come with the sharp pains in my left ear. I’ve been battling this pain 10 years. Misdiagnosed as TMJ the palpitations have improved with the trileptal but I’m seeing a cardiologist tomorrow just to make sure. I still have breakthrough pain on 300 mg twice daily but it makes me so sleepy a a bit dull. I can’t imagine holding a job with increasing meds. Any suggestions?

Hi Recycled Karma,

I have bilateral ATN in all three branches and have increasing symptoms of GPN, mainly at the back of my mouth, tongue, tonsils, into my nose and ears. It even goes down my throat sometimes on one side. There is a Ben Friend's page for Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia too. I recommend that you join that one.